Do you need these? Honestly, they’re not a requirement for safe dry-fire practice — focus and a dedication to safety is the foundational key — but BarrelBlok certainly gives you peace of mind at a very reasonable price. So, why wouldn’t you?

Consisting of a color-coded barrel block and half-bullet MagBlok magazine inserts, proper use of the BarrelBlok system essentially renders a “Bang instead of a click”-tragedy impossible.

The barrel/chamber insert is one-piece molded plastic and includes a trimmable Hi-Viz flag protruding from the barrel. The magazine inserts make sure you can’t inadvertently stick a live round in there. Coming in a variety of calibers including the .223, they would be exceptionally useful for safety-conscious individuals, firearm training classes or military/LE force-on-force “dry” training where tragedies, unfortunately, still occasionally happen.

MSRP: $14.99

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