Apex GLOCK Action
Enhancement Kit


I’ve been using Apex Tactical products for years, and the fact the owner and his staff are seasoned gun-people really stands out. The quality and performance of their kits shows they not only are shooters, but experienced craftspeople too. Some aftermarket trigger and spring kits can be “iffy” and tough to install but the dozen or more Apex trigger kits I’ve installed have fit perfectly. Using their excellent installation videos makes it easy for virtually anyone to do the work.

This GLOCK Special Edition kit is typical of their products — it features a trigger bar, Apex Ultimate Safety Plunger and Apex Performance Connector. These will reduce trigger pull weight, pre-travel, overtravel and reset distance, smooth uptake and reset to leave you with a crisp trigger break. Note the lineup of trigger colors you can choose from. You don’t get all these sample triggers in one kit though! Kits start from around $90.


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