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When any mechanical object ceases to operate, there is a pretty fair chance one of the most insidious materials known to man or beast — gunk — is to blame. If you carry spare magazines anyplace except an officially-sanctified magazine pouch you run the risk of collecting this nasty substance, which is more than happy to gum up the operation of your Elite Masterblaster.

However, I’d venture to say most real-world earth people carry their spare magazines in a variety of places aside from magazine pouches. My spares often ride in a backpack, truck center console or the cargo pocket of my pants, inviting lint and various cheeseburger crumbs to climb aboard and mess things up.

Fortunately, the simple, effective and inexpensive solution to the problem is Ammo Armor. These are plastic sleeves that fit like a glove over your magazines to keep them clean and also protect the vulnerable feed lips. With Ammo Armor, your magazine is safe but always ready in case a reload is necessary.

MSRP: Around $10

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