ALPS OutdoorsZ
Ghost 30 Pack


It’s been noted I take to packs like a Kardashian takes to free publicity. My backpack collection was recently ranked as the Number Seven Largest Privately-Held Collection in the U.S. but there’s only one thing missing: a perfect EDC (everyday carry) pack.

For daily use, I needed something with adequate storage — but not too big — with enough pockets and dividers my stuff doesn’t end up in one large jumble, sunglasses smashed by a laptop, or just missing in action. Above all, it can’t look “tactical” because of my whole “gray man” preparedness philosophy — plus I’m at an age where trying to look like a Super Ninja Operator is simply silly. Alas, of the packs in my stable, all had serious shortcomings in this one role.

Then, I fell in love with the Ghost 30. Having now taken it on a long-distance train trip, a flight and lived out of it on a multi-day road trip, it meets all my requirements. One unique feature, sure to appear on every other EDC pack within a year or two, is the hidden paracord loops — you can carry bulky things like jackets but without looking too MOLLE-fied. There are a host of other features — plenty of pockets, two padded laptop compartments, front-load zippers and even an integral rain cover — plus a reasonable price point for such a feature-rich, high-quality bag. I’m hooked!
MSRP: $149.99