Mission First Tactical (MFT) Tumbler


Wanna draw some looks at your next training class or Oh-Dark-Thirty ops briefing? It’s easy to be one of the cool kids if you’re sipping your morning joe from one of the new Evac 24-oz. insulated bottles from Mission First Tactical.

The bottles are rated to keep hot beverage warm for four hours and cold stuff for nine hours in their double-walled, triple-insulated stainless steel body. They’re hella stout and have tight-fitting screw-on lids but the most noteworthy feature is the high-quality graphics on the outside — your choice of a reproduction M18 Smoke Red grenade or the M7 A3 Riot CS agent grenade.

My days of morning briefings are over, but I can’t wait to carry my water in the CS grenade lookalike to the gym. I’m guessing it would probably help move along the guy who is always hogging the Smith Press machine.

MSRP: $34.95

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