A.G. RusselL Vest Pocket Semi-Skinner

Cutlery wizard left a cool folder design behind
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The neo-retro A.G. Russell Vest Pocket Semi-Skinner combines old ideas with modern design
and fabrication, making for a cool, unique pocketknife.

When cutlery genius A.G. Russell passed way in October of 2018, he left behind a legacy of being both a pioneer entrepreneur and visionary designer. A unique trait of Russell’s design talent was his ability to take a knife pattern and add personal touches making it unique in its own way — which is what we have here. The A.G. Russell Vest Pocket Semi-Skinner combines a lockback design with a semi-skinner blade style usually relegated to fixed-blade hunting knives and, true to A.G. form, it works!

There are other throwback styling cues on the Vest Pocket Semi-Skinner. The blade has an old-school long-pull nail knick and the 3″ handle has stainless steel bolsters and a “bag-handle” which gives it a Trapper feel — plus there’s an ovate stainless steel escutcheon as a crowning touch. The rest of the equation is fully modern. The elegant 2.6″ semi-skinner blade is made of premium CPM-S35VN stainless steel and the handle scales are very contemporary Carbon Fiber. All the stainless steel on the handle has a satin, brushed finish, including the folder’s sturdy locking tab at the rear base. The whole neo-retro package weighs in at a svelte 2.5 oz.


A.G. Russell had a knack for adding unexpected styling cues, like the semi-skinner blade style,
and pulling them off to perfection.

Why You’ll Like It

For starters, the Russell Vest Pocket Semi-Skinner is both stylish and unique. Can you field dress a quail with it? Sure, but most likely this is an EDC you will enjoy using and showing off to friends. While traditional pocketknife designs are a dime a dozen, they can’t hold a candle to the Russell Vest Pocket Semi-Skinner’s cool. The build is rock solid and fit-’n-finish and is as nice as you’ll see on a production knife. MSRP on this little dandy is a very reasonable $99.95, a small price to pay for the curious smiles you’ll get around the water cooler or break room.


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