A Faster Way to Load with XTech Tactical Speedmag

For 30-Round AR/M4 Magazines

Reloading magazines can be a pain — both literally and figuratively — especially for long days on the range. And while separate speed loaders can make loading easy, they’re no good if you forget them at home. New from XTech Tactical, a company formed to develop revolutionary firearms accessories for AR-style rifles, the Speedmag was designed to make sore thumbs a thing of the past and add more convenience to your recreational shooting.

Made from high-resistance proprietary polymer, the 30-round AR/M4 magazine features an external collar attached to the internal magazine follower. Simply pull the collar down to compress the stainless steel spring, drop ammunition into the magazine and release the collar to load your firearm. Simple and quick to use, now you can take your speed loader with you everywhere your magazines go.

The Speedmag also features front and rear texturing for tactile loading and the magazine base plate can be quickly removed for cleaning. Compatible with all Mil-Spec AR15-style rifles, the Speedmag accepts any caliber that fits in regular mil-spec magazines, including .223 Rem., 5.56 NATO and .300 BLK. MSRP is $24.95.

A statement from XTech Tactical:
“The Speedmag is a bit different from our other magazines in that it is designed for the recreational shooter to spend less time loading, more time shooting. We are proud to offer a magazine that makes range time even more enjoyable.”

For more info: xtechtactical.com, Ph: (480) 999-0827