Best of Both Worlds?

However, many American hunters still firmly believe in high muzzle velocity for longer-range shooting. And if we combine high muzzle velocity with high BC bullets, won’t this reduce wind-drift even more? Yes, it does — and fits right in with another American ideal — having it all.

This is exactly what the 6.5/300 Weatherby accomplishes over smaller 6.5s: A high-BC bullet in the 140-gr. class at 3,300 fps drifts about 30 percent less at 500 yards than a flat-based spitzer at 3,000 fps. Yeah, the 6.5/300 kicks more, but not obnoxiously so. My Weatherby Ultra Lightweight weighs 8 lbs. scoped and its recoil feels similar to a 7mm Remington Magnum with 160-gr. bullets.

Recoil can be also reduced by using lighter bullets. However, there really isn’t much ballistic sense in using bullets much lighter than 130 grains in any 6.5 rifle intended for longer-range shooting. Reducing bullet weight also reduces BC, increasing wind-drift.