Forgotten Speed Demon

The .264 Winchester Magnum Has Many Attributes Today’s Shooters Demand.

The .257 Weatherby Magnum and .264 Winchester Magnum are remarkable cartridges. They deliver very high velocity with ballistically efficient bullets, with tolerable recoil.
Many shooters were intrigued by the .257’s ballistics, but not enough to lay out the bucks for a Mk V. When Weatherby began offering the Vanguard in .257 Weatherby, demand exceeded all expectations. The Weatherby Vanguard is one of the best sporting rifles available and, at current prices, a fantastic value. The popularity of the .257 is probably higher now than it has ever been.

Other factors include increased interest in long-range shooting; more choices in slow-burning powders, slippery low-drag bullets, monometal bullets which maintain their integrity even at high impact velocity. The increased popularity of the .257 seems to have renewed interest in the .264.

They are about as alike as two cartridges can get. My fired W-W .264 cases averaged 86-grain water capacity, compared to an 87.5-grain average for fired Weatherby/Norma .257 cases, an insignificant difference.

Bullet diameter difference is just .007″, really not very much. Mind you—the same .007″ difference between the .270 Win and .280 Rem has fueled many an argument.
Originally it appeared the .264 Mag would be a solid success. In addition to the Winchester 70, Remington, Savage, Sako and Browning offered rifles in .264 Mag.
By Dave Anderson

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One thought on “Forgotten Speed Demon

  1. Bob Parker

    I agree I have used both and still own a .264 win mag built on a custom remington 700. With a 5 profile Tobler barrel. A Jewell trigger and HS precision stock. In Australia this rifle is the most versatile thing I have ever had. It shoots 100 gn tipped tsx and 130 gn tsx and 130 siroccos through the same hole at 200 yards. It will shoot 140 gn lapua naturalus within 1/2 in h if the said hole. Designed by Blair Calvin, it is a a very versatile rifle and has shot vountless kangaroos wild dogs deer and pigs. I will never be without one. It’s a bit heavy with a 26″ barrel at 10lbs with a 4.5-14 lupy LR s or but it does the job. The heavier bullets give it the edge.


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