FMK 91C Gen 2

The “Bill Df Rights Pistol”

In mid-June of 2011, FMK Firearms of Placentia, California, saw its 2nd Generation Pistol placed on the roster of handguns approved for sale and manufacture within the State. Like the first generation arm which it replaces, both California and Massachusetts now approve it for sale and FMK has the distinction of being the only handgun manufacturer currently operating in California.

James Pontillo saw the Left Coast communitarian social and legal milieu as a suitably challenging backdrop for validation of American Exceptionalism and individual initiative and an aggressive repudiation of the herd mentality that threatens the American Dream. The American Bill of Rights is the defining anthem of Western Culture and the most enduring monument to its achievement. It is the framework of limited government recognizing the Free Individual and not collectives or governments as the common denominator of the social contract. It fires the imagination of freedom-loving people rallying them to defend the principles therein enumerated. Portillo chose to engrave it in paraphrase on the slide of the pistol.

The 91C/G2 is a striker-fired, double-action pistol with double-strike capability. The slide travels and abuts against steel structures in the polymer grip frame. Overall size is comparable to the currently popular subcompact personal-defense arms. It is marginally shorter overall than most of the 3″-barreled, 1911-based subs though it has a 4″ barrel.
By Mike Cumpston

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