Five Proprietary Cartridges and Custom Ammo: Nosler Delivers

By Dave Workman

Nosler is a name that has earned a reputation for quality among handloaders for decades, and in recent years, it has also started showing up on Match and Trophy grade ammunition, and custom ammunition featuring Nosler components, loaded to an individual customer’s requirements.

This legendary company, founded a couple of generations ago by the late John Nosler, is headquartered in eastern Oregon. Today, the company has its name on five proprietary cartridges covering lots of bases, from varmints and predators to big North American game, with options from .22 to .33-caliber. The 22 Nosler is designed specifically for use in the AR platform, while the 26, 28, 30 and 33 Nosler rounds are for big game.

Nosler Custom ammunition is for people wanting precision, but may not have a loading bench of their own at which they couldn’t spend hours their schedules don’t allow, anyway. This is the next best thing.

Each box is specifically labeled for a customer, with ballistic tables for the cartridge on the back. Every cartridge is loaded by a Nosler ballistician; can’t beat that! Each case is checked for length, necks are sized and chamfered for proper alignment and powder charges are carefully weighed for consistency round after round.

Nosler Custom ammunition is loaded with — what else? — Nosler bullets. There’s a choice of Partitions, AccuBonds, E-Tips, Ballistic Tips or Ballistic Tip Varmint projectiles, depending upon caliber and personal choice.

Looking for match grade performance? Nosler Match Grade ammunition stacks up to the challenge. Do your part and the result will be consistent groups.

And for shooting game, Nosler’s Trophy Grade ammunition puts a bullet where it is aimed, translating to meat in the cooler.

Of course, Nosler Custom brass and bullets are still available as components for folks who like to brew their own. We’ve used Nosler brass and bullets for western mule deer hunting for several years, invariably resulting in venison, antlers and notched tags. Every case is correctly sized and bullets are carefully packaged for quality.

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