Milling Machines For The Masses

When civilians think of custom gunmaking shops, many see buildings bulging with lathes, milling machines, jig borers, surface grinders and the like. Indeed, many do but in serious gunsmithies, the humble file is still the most important metalworking machine in the place. For some jobs, there is no substitute in terms of speed, handiness and flexibility. A few hundred words will barely scratch the surface of the subject of files, but we’ll cover some basics for home craftsmen.

As always, the MSC catalog will have an excellent primer on most any machine-tool subject. Files are no exception. If you do not already have this catalog, you owe it to yourself to lay hands on one, not only for the wealth of useful tools for sale but also for the excellent technical descriptions and discussion of their uses. The Brownells catalog is another source and will often have dedicated gunsmithing files not available in mainstream suppliers.

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