4 thoughts on “Extreme Targeting With TruGlo Handgun Sights

  1. Joe Day

    What do you with the true glow sight after 12 years. Throw it away and buy another one or what ?

  2. BigR

    What happens after the warranty? Do we have to purchase a new set after they fade, and pay full price again? Sounds like I’m asking stupid questions, but I “gots” to know!!

  3. BigR

    I’m wondering the same thing, after 12 years do we have to throw them away, when they fade, or what?

  4. mack

    I wouldn’t worry about what to do in 12 years with these. My experience is that you’ll be going through fiber optic tubes like crazy, and decide that they’re not worth the trouble of constantly fixing / replacing long before 12 years is up.


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