Exclusive: Wolves for Common Sense Horn Safety Laws

By David Codrea

“I’d like everyone to hear loud and clear that it was the ease of acquiring a gun that enabled me to act on my emotions,” Allen Ivanov asserted at the sentencing hearing after his guilty plea to murdering three teenagers at a house party. “I did not intend for events to unfold as they did that night. In a moment of shock I pulled the trigger because I couldn’t control my emotions.

“I don’t mean to absolve myself of guilt or dodge responsibility,” he continued, doing just that. “But I know for a fact that even in the feverish state I was in, I never could have done this with my hands.

“I wish they never sold me a firearm,” he continued. “I wish I was never legally allowed to buy one. I hope there will be a continuous effort to change the gun laws so that others cannot make such a tragic mistake.”

Ivanov wrapped up his blame-apportioning by saying he takes “full responsibility” for the killings.

What a load. Because Ivanov dismissed impulse control issues in a letter he wrote before the murders, showing clear premeditation.

“I can’t believe I pulled the trigger,” he wrote, anticipating his planned bloodbath. “You know what’s funny? The media is going to portray me as some unstable, overly emotional, crazy lunatic. There’s nothing wrong (with) me or the way I think. I’m selfish. That’s why I did this.”

And he celebrated his murders after the fact with a prison “rap song,” including such inspirational lyrics as “”See me on the news, I’m ’bout to come up / 5 shots to the face, I neva slipped / Blood spillin’ like a rainy day.”

What a diseased head case. What an argument for having the means of self-defense. So it’s telling that he embraces the same citizen disarmament goals as mainstream gun-grabbers.

“Everyone is a responsible gun owner until they’re not,” goes a gun-grabber meme justifying denial of a right without due process. Using that “logic,” everyone with hands is a potential strangler. All males are rapists-in-waiting.

Ivanov’s hardly the first criminal to endorse the grand disarmament plan. And he’s hardly the first one to blame “lax gun laws” for his actions.

Robyn Anderson testified in a Colorado House Judiciary hearing that expanded background checks would serve to inhibit gun purchases. Not by criminals, of course. That’s what she was when she acted as a “straw purchaser” for Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. She knowingly bought guns for minors who could not have passed a check. Yet she was credited with “turning the tide” to pass a gun show background check expansion bill affecting those who would.

Another supplier for those two evil freaks was Mark Manes, whose mother was a Handgun Control, Inc. “activist,” and who was sentenced to a 6-year term for his role in providing Harris and Klebold with a TEC-DC9 pistol and two 50-round boxes of ammunition. He now thinks—or at least says—that Mommy “was really right all along.”

And as long as we’re looking at that demonic murder spree, we may as well note who else said, “A school is no place for a gun.” That was Eric Harris, in a classroom assignment paper he wrote on his chosen subject, “Guns in Schools.”

Then there was Barbara Graham, a Million Mom March activist who illegally obtained a .45 caliber handgun, and shot and paralyzed a man she mistakenly thought had killed her son. And fellow Million Mom March member Annette Stevens, president of the Springfield, Illinois, chapter, was arrested after police investigating a drive-by shooting found her in possession of illegal drugs and a handgun. No, of course she did not have a state-required Firearms Owner Identification card. In fairness, someone possessing a gun with the serial number filed off won’t be that big on following rules she would impose on others.

And let’s not forget “Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher, who shot her “lover’s” wife in the head. After serving 7 years she became a “journalist” advocating a ban on “assault weapons.” When that gig didn’t work out, she went on to become a porn actress, and ended up a few years ago on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”

It’s revealing that people who can’t—or won’t—control themselves are so obsessed with trying to control those of us who do not share their moral defects. But as ridiculously reprehensible as these gun-grabber allies are, it’s the wannabe totalitarians in politics who take on a special offensiveness all their own. That’s probably because, in order to serve, they’re required to take an oath of office in which they pledge to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

There’s a special sense of satisfaction, irony and humor, mixed with righteous outrage, when one of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” gets popped, convicted and sentenced, some for sleazy fraud, bribery, embezzlement and the like, and others for crimes like child molestation, assaulting a police officer, and even one convicted of violating his own city’s gun ordinance. Do an internet search for “Gun Owners against Illegal Mayors” to match crimes to names. And if you’ve been collecting this magazine for a while, you can also check out my June 2009 “Rights Watch” column, “An Anti-Gun Coalition of Mayors.” (You can read it online, too, at www.gunsmagazine.com. Click on “Digital Version” and scroll down to June 2009.)

Many more corrupt control freak politicians have been exposed and taken down since then, too many to address in one column. Still, a couple recent ones are worth mentioning.

“Former New York State Senator John L. Sampson sentenced to 5 years for obstruction of justice and making false statements to the FBI,” a January press release from the US Department of Justice announced. The leader of the Democratic Conference, Sampson had been a driving force behind the Empire State’s odious SAFE Act, bragging “that will make New York’s gun laws the toughest in the United States.”

Another noteworthy sentencing was that of former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, for perjury and abuse of office. “F”-rated by NRA and endorsed by CeaseFirePA, Michael Bloomberg’s PAC had helped fill the war chest for Kane’s campaign. When in office, she severed carry reciprocity with Florida and joined other “progressive” state attorneys general in opposing federal Right-to-Carry legislation.

But of all the corrupt anti-gun politicians who have been exposed as nothing more than criminals, perhaps none should evoke a stronger reaction of utter contempt than former California State Senator and Brady Campaign honoree Leland Yee (“Stranger than Fiction,” August 2014). A committed leader for in-your-face infringements against and harassment of California’s already beleaguered gun owners, Yee, arrested by the FBI for illegal gun trafficking, is currently serving out a federal sentence after pleading guilty to racketeering.

Whether we’re talking about first-person attackers, like Ivanov, or political ones relying on enforcers to do their violence for them, like Yee, one factor is shared in common: Neither wants honest folk armed because ultimately, the Second Amendment can enable the people to repel both kinds of predator. And letting either have a say in that which “shall not be infringed” makes the job of conscienceless wolves a no-risk proposition.

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Wolves for Common Sense Horn Safety Laws

  1. Woody W Woodward

    Words fail me. Anyone who gives credence to the words of an evil person who at some point, after making the decision to commit and then actually carrying out an inexcusable assault upon an innocent human, decides to blame anything or anyone other than him/herself for his/her actions is a fool.

    I learned early on that no matter what evil a person is capable of he/she will at some point attempt to rationalize his/her actions.

  2. Rich...

    There are over 370 “mental disorders” listed in the latest version of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.) The list includes “Tobacco Addiction Disorder” among other equally mundane and ridiculous so-called “mental illnesses.”

    If the DSM is the standard by which politicians wishes to remove our rights to own guns, then I’d guess 90% of the American people could probably be classified with a mental disorder of one kind or another.



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