Exclusive: Reaching the Not-So-Scary Apex of Glock Customizations

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When I first acquired my Gen 2 Glock 19, I was scared to change anything on it. Leave it factory, I thought. After all, that’s how it was designed. Now, over 10 years later, my 19 is turning into Frankenpistol. It has a custom stippling job — it’s third, actually — by yours truly. The slide and barrel are treated by Robar and feature front slide serrations. An Arachnigrip spider helps with slide racking. Sights are XS Big Dot. Inside, I’ve swapped out the factory guide rod with a titanium replacement — to add weight. And now, the 19 has an Apex Tactical Glock Action Enhancement Red Trigger and Gen 3 Trigger Bar ($99.95) as well as Apex Tactical Glock Ultimate Safety Plunger ($17.95)

I don’t know if I’ve reached the apex of Glock customizations, but I’m certainly not scared to change things up a bit.


So is this gun better because of the changes I’ve made? I think so. And my favorite change thus far is the most recent change I’ve made: swapping out the factory trigger and firing pin block with replacements by Apex Tactical.


If you can detail strip a Glock, you can install an Apex Tactical trigger.


The shiny silver button in the middle of the slide is the Apex safety plunger.

The goal of these parts is simple: Smooth out the Glock’s trigger action. There’s a bit shorter pre-travel, overall travel, and reset, and the break is more crisp, too. While it’s difficult to describe these things, I can testify that it works, plain and simple. In fact, I fired the 19 at the range with the factory trigger and plunger — actively thinking about the trigger feel — and then did the swap, right there on the gun bench in front of me.


Thankfully I’ve detail stripped the 19 many times so the swap was a no-fear exercise. The parts fit perfectly, dropped in, and functioned like they should. I continued firing the 19 and could feel an instant improvement in the overall feel. Smoother, crisper, and just a bit shorter travel. The feel and click of the reset was more pronounced.


Shorter overall travel, shorter pre-travel and faster, more pronounced reset. And s-m-o-o-t-h all the way.

A friend who is a long-time Glock aficionado confirmed the feel of the Apex Tactical gear. Right after firing it, he was on his phone, presumably surfing to the Apex site to order one for himself.


Glocks are great right out of the box and there’s really no need to change anything. But if you’re okay with experimenting and customizing a bit, you can make your Glock even better. In fact, with great aftermarket parts such as those by Apex Tactical, there’s nothing to be scared of.

— Mark Kakkuri

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