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GLOCK’s Model 43, the single-stack 9 everyone keeps talking about, brings new meaning to thin and light — at least for GLOCK — making it an ideal inside the waistband or even a pocket holstered gun. Except I’m going to argue for carrying it outside the waistband. In this Galco TacSlide. Because both the holster and gun are thin and light.

Allow me to elaborate.


No question: Thin and light make for great descriptors of guns you plan to pack in your belt or your pocket. But even with thin guns, inside the waistband can be less comfortable than outside. And even with smallish size and light weight, in-pocket carry can be a hassle to draw if you’re not standing up. As you know, the pro’s and con’s of these modes of carry are rife with thoughtful discussion points, for sure.


Now, note the points about carrying outside the waistband in the TacSlide:

A belt slide holster with a straight drop, the TacSlide sports a steerhide back and a Kydex carrier. These prove to be a great combination for holding the GLOCK 43, especially with its flush-fitting magazine.

TacSlide is skinny, its Kydex carrier barely protruding an inch farther than its leather backing, and holds the GLOCK 43 in close. Carried at 3 o’clock or 5 o’clock, a covering garment hardly has any work to do.


The GLOCK clicks in place, carries snugly, and stays put when attached to a real gun belt. You can get a combat grip on the exposed stock and a straight up draw motion needs no second thought. Grab, draw, aim.

The GLOCK alone, loaded, weighs 1.28 lbs. In the TacSlide, the weight goes up to 1.46 lbs. In other words, not much. All in all, it’s a light weight package, nicely balanced, one you can easily carry literally all day.


Galco’s TacSlide retails for $46.95 and so far has proven to be a great match for the GLOCK 43. Thin, light weight, and an ideal outside the waistband rig.

— Mark Kakkuri


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