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CZ’s 2075 RAMI, a double-stack subcompact 9mm, is right at home in this Falco Side Snap Leather Holster. And the rig feels great at 4 o’clock as I wear it around the house and around town, concealed. Retailing for $62.95, the Falco holster sports premium leather, robust snaps, and easy on and off with great comfort and conceal-ability. A simple t-shirt drapes over it and provides adequate cover.


The leather is not the thickest I’ve seen in a “premium” holster but it is hand-contoured and looks and feels great to the touch. No break-in time needed, the Falco readily accepted the RAMI and went on my gun belt with no fuss. A steel-reinforced thumb break (also a robust snap) keeps the CZ in place and prevents any gun metal from contacting my body. Note: In the Falco, the CZ RAMI must be carried in the “half-cock” position; the thumb break leather will not fit around a fully cocked hammer (unless you make some custom adjustments to it).


As an open muzzle design, the Falco exposes about 3/4” of the RAMI’s muzzle. The holster also offers the CZ’s stocks at just the right angle (only the slightest forward cant) with room for two fingers to grasp it. The thumb break is in the perfect spot so drawing reflects about as natural a flow of movement as you can muster. As you’ve heard, the CZ RAMI fits great in hand and this Falco holster does a fantastic job of getting it into your hand. Otherwise, when holstered, the CZ rides comfortably at your side.


Despite the RAMI’s width (1.25” — similar to most double-stack subcompacts), it rides close in the Falco and hides nearly as good as some single stack nines. Really! So if the thinner stature of single-stack concealed carry guns doesn’t suit your hand as well as something, well, wider, or, if you’re just keen on the extra capacity of a double-stack pistol, don’t rule out guns like the RAMI as there’s virtually no loss of conceal-ability — at least not in this Falco holster.

Learn more about Falco at www.craftholsters.com.

— Mark Kakkuri


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