Exclusive: WeatherWool Clothing is All American

By Dave Workman

Despite advances in cotton weaves, man-made fabrics and materials, there is really nothing like a fine wool garment in foul conditions.

Take it from a resident of the frequently wet Pacific Northwest. Winters, and fall and spring as well, can be nasty. Good wool takes it in stride and makes those conditions livable and even comfortable.

WeatherWool produces all sorts of clothing items from the finest American-produced wool. The company boasts that it selects the fleece from America’s “top sheep breeders and ranchers.”

Based in New Jersey, this outfit offers jackets, vests, pants and bibs, the ShirtJac, vests, a poncho, mittens, muffs, hats and caps, and even boots with wool uppers and leather lowers. Don’t let their headquarters fool you. Good wool clothing works in New England, the Great Lakes, northern plains, Rocky Mountains and, of course, the Northwest and even Alaska.

From personal experience, even when it gets wet, wool will keep you warm. The best wool will shed water and snow rather well, and it can be pretty comfy in a hunting camp, or sitting on a stand high on a ridge.

WeatherWool’s pants are offered in FullWeight and MidWeight styles with plenty of pocket room including cargo pockets, 2-inch belt loops, double seat, extra-long front zipper and a gusseted crotch allowing plenty of movement.

The hooded poncho, made with FullWeight fabric, is a one-size-fits-all product, available in a Lynx pattern or solid drab. It’s got a large front kangaroo pocket with a zippered pocket behind it.

There’s something else about this clothing line worth noting. WeatherWool has launched the WarriorWool Donation Program. The public can donate to provide an Al’s Anorak, a hooded pullover, to military personnel including Navy SEALs and the U.S. Air Force Arctic Survival School.

Anyone who has experienced wool in unpleasant conditions will easily understand why people like this stuff. WeatherWool comes in an assortment of colors — black, duff, drab and lynx — and their trademark phrase is “Hardcore Luxury.”

Find out more at weatherwool.com

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3 thoughts on “Exclusive: WeatherWool Clothing is All American


    Hi Guns Magazine! – This is Ralph from WeatherWool. Thanks for your very accurate review!!!

    Yes, people usually chuckle when they hear we are located in Jersey. But we are very close to New York City’s Garment District, a tremendous resource. Companies from all over USA and many other countries have their design and sewing work done in this area.

    Another thing people don’t realize about Jersey, but we are undoubtedly one of America’s best states for deer hunting … We have a huge amount of public land for our small number of hunters, and we can buy 6 buck tags over the counter. Much of Jersey has no limit on antlerless deer, and between bow, shotgun and muzzleloader we have over 5 months to pursue whitetails.

    We really appreciate you mentioning our WarriorWool program. Just this morning, I got a call from a guy in the US Air Force … Special Forces, I think, although he didn’t quite say that. One of the guys he was training with had WeatherWool, and so he purchased for himself a WarriorWool Anorak for an upcoming deployment. He was spending his own money for gear that he believed would improve his performance. It’s a big deal for us to be able to help out … and a big deal for us that such serious people choose us. THANKS for helping to get the word out!

    Thank You and Best Regards to everyone at GUNS and your sister publications! — Ralph, Debby, Alex — the WeatherWool crew

  2. William Chacon

    I purchased an AAJ 2016/2017 wow what an exellent garment soft, heavyduty, and very well constructed, I have some filson garments but this is truly of superior quality. I couldn’t be happier, thumbs up from the Pacific Northwest oregon, with wool undergarments you would need one hell of a storm to get wet, buy the hood also it is detachable a nice feature. Great for hunting now I just need all of the colors.
    William Chacon

  3. vaughan scott

    I am in Australia ( trust me it gets bloody cold here in winter ) and purchased Als Anorak after seeing Bill McConnell wearing it on one of their coldest adventures. The garment is awesome the quality has to be seen to be appreciated. I highly recommend this product.


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