Exclusive: Urban Carry? One Brosac to the Rescue!

Confession time.

Unless I’m heading to the city wearing skinny jeans — which doesn’t happen — you’ll probably never see me carrying this. Which is a shame, because I love bags and love innovative ways of carrying a concealed handgun. And this bag is very well made and discreet in certain settings. Like anywhere in Europe or in any major American city where the look can only be described as “hipster.” To be clear, when people describe me they don’t use the term hipster. “Middle aged balding man,” yes.

DSC_9109In other words, Falco’s Shoulder Bag with Concealed Holster probably works best for those in the Generation Y or Millenial crowd. Young, hip, and willing to accessorize. If that’s you, and you have a license to carry a concealed handgun, you’ll like this bag. And for the uninitiated, get your urban-cool going by learning a “merse” is a man-purse. Got it?

That’s a Bersa Thunder .45 Ultra Compact Pro packed into the Falco’s included concealed carry holster. Even though the Bersa is a bit on the heavy side, the Falco easily handled its weight and provided a steady and sure ride as I toted it around. It’s a two-handed operation to get to the gun via a hook and loop secured flap, but it is right there, at the ready, right at your side.

Made from corduroy, cotton, and a technical water resistant fabric, the Falco bag offers several other pockets in which to store gear. They’re all covered by a well-designed flap that stays closed via a magnetic closure hidden under a functioning buckle.

DSC_9110In addition to the Bersa, I added a Gerber Tactical Pen and a Brite Strike tactical flashlight. Plenty of pockets and room remained for a phone, wallet, spare magazine, and lots more.

Pretty handy, actually.

And notice: The Falco bag doesn’t in any way look tactical. Other concealed carry bags — often in colors such as black or olive green or desert sand — show so many straps and zippers that they scream “Look! Gun inside!”

Not so the Falco.

Two steps up in style from the CCW fanny pack, the Falco Shoulder Bag retails for $89.95 and, in the right setting, makes perfect sense for concealed carry. Hmm. Maybe it’s time for me to look into getting a pair of skinny jeans and spending more time in the city.

— Mark Kakkuri

Learn more about Falco at www.craftholsters.com.

3 thoughts on “Exclusive: Urban Carry? One Brosac to the Rescue!

  1. Mark B

    Okay, I get the idea of carrying concealed in a bag, but to call it a Brosac, seriously come on! when I hear the term Brosac I do not think of a shoulder bag or any other type of carrying bag for that matter. Please, please, please, come up with a different name than a Brosac.

  2. Jerry Cartwright

    Like you, I’ll never be caught with one of these slung over my shoulder or anywhere else on my body for that fact. It is a good idea though but I have a feeling if you walk around with this on your arm, it just might set you up as a target. In my opinion it would indeed make a man look “soft”. LOL


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