Exclusive: Ulticlip Holster Clip

In an earlier article I argued for the effective simplicity of the Cover6 Gear holster for a Walther PPS M2. Then I found a replacement clip to make the holster even better. The Ulticlip holster clip replaces the Cover6 standard belt clip (or any other similar holster clip) and allows me to attach — in a very secure way — the holster to my pants or belt. Moreover, because of the clip’s design, conceal-ability actually increases as well.


Installing the Ulticlip requires removing the screw holding the original clip and replacing it with the Ulticlip. Easy! Once installed, opening and closing the Ulticlip requires just a thumb and forefinger. The design of the steel acts like a spring to hold the clip down — against the waistline of your pants or your belt. And, if you clip it to your pants, your belt helps to hide the clip. The strength of the spring means the clip holds on with more force than a regular belt clip would offer. So security goes up, too.


One more conceal-ability note: since Ulticlip attaches at one point on a holster, you can tuck in a shirt over the holster but under the clip.

Ulticlip specs include the following:

  • Heat treated to RC 42-49
  • C-1075 spring steel
  • Military-grade black oxide finish
  • Oil and wax treated
  • Multiple mounting positions
  • Size: 3.5” x 7/8”
  • Weight: .78 oz.
  • 100% American made
  • Retail price: $11.99


Have a favorite holster using a steel belt clip? Consider changing the clip to a Ulticlip to increase security and conceal-ability.

— Mark Kakkuri

One thought on “Exclusive: Ulticlip Holster Clip

  1. Dennis Krakow

    Looks like a clever solution for a problem that has plagued me for some time. The leather looks to offer a good solution as well. Please send along a reference for purchase. Thanks for your help


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