Exclusive: Trigger Troubles? Time For Timney

By Dave Workman

Nobody likes a stiff, sluggish trigger. They affect accuracy, and they are simply annoying.

Back in 1946, Allen Timney had figured this out and subsequently introduced a single-stage replacement trigger that could be installed easily, and he designed these things to fit popular bolt-action rifles of the period including Springfields, Mausers and Enfields; the actions around which were designed some of the top sporting rifles of that era.

This made sense. After WWII, millions of Americans came home and began hunting and/or target shooting using the skills they had honed in the service. Gunsmiths around the country began building custom rifles using these actions as their starting point.

Timney retired in 1981, selling the business to Paul and Rosemary Vehr. They operated the company until 1999, and ownership eventually came to one of their children, John, who had worked as general manager since 1994. The elder Vehr’s passed away in 2000, without having signed sale papers to John. He ultimately purchased the company from his siblings and went to work updating machinery and technology.

Still, these triggers are hand assembled and calibrated. Long story short, Timney Manufacturing triggers provide something of a benchmark for shooters who demand precision. A recent online search found Timney triggers for virtually all popular rifle models, including Remington, CZ, Savage, Winchester, Howa, Mossberg, FNH, Weatherby, Browning, Ruger, Sako, you name it.

In all, according to the Timney website, this outfit produces more than 170 different models of triggers for bolt-action and semi-auto rifles, shotgun models and there are even archery triggers in the lineup. They are used all over the world.

Timney also offers triggers for the AR platform, and they live up to the tradition established by this 70-year-old company many decades ago.

Before a Timney trigger leaves the company’s 25,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility in Phoenix, it is carefully checked over to make sure it functions perfectly.

The company also provides support for its customers. Timney has a team of technicians ready to answer questions and make sure each client is satisfied.

The greatest satisfaction of all is when the Timney-equipped firearm goes “BANG!”

Get more details at timneytriggers.com.

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