EXCLUSIVE: The Unconstitutional State

Weathering the cold on the last day of 2013 was an intentional indignity forced on Connecticut gun owners.

Hundreds lined up in front of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection building in Middletown to register their guns and magazines in order to comply with the state’s perversely-named Gun Violence Prevention and Child Safety Act, enacted the previous April as a kneejerk response to Newtown. That such legislation would do nothing to advance its stated purpose, and would instead make things less safe for the law-abiding, did not matter to those who imposed their will on Constitution State gun owners, another oxymoron that calculating minds in Hartford no doubt took additional pleasure in.

The vocal reaction of some gun owners in other states, those who did not have to make such a terrible choice, was unsympathetic, and often cruel. Accusations of cowardice from Internet commentators posting under screen names were commonplace. That many making such charges had not been put to the test themselves seemed lost on the most aggressive.

If one is to be laying blame on anyone outside of the evil citizen disarmament enactors and their useful idiot enablers, many gun owners would do well to look at the direction of three of their fingers whenever they point one at others. After all, how many of them have filled out Form 4473s, or applied for permits to carry their guns? In light of “shall not be infringed,” are those not acts of surrender?

Lenny Benedetto is a founding member and vice president of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, the state’s largest grassroots gun rights group that is leading in the lawsuit to challenge the new law. He spent several hours that morning passing out CCDL cards and talking to those standing in line before a police lieutenant ordered him to stop or be arrested for “soliciting,” and soon found the vast majority of those in line were not members of his group. Many had never even heard of it.

If CCDL had 10, 20, 100 times the committed membership, might the new laws have been stopped in their tracks?

That level of detachment, apathy and non-involvement is hardly exclusive to Connecticut. The same story could be told by the leadership of any number of state gun rights groups, where it’s always a core of dedicated individuals straining to bear a load that could be shared by many but somehow never is. Out of 80 million or so gun owners, look at how few have joined NRA, and how many fewer support the much smaller Gun Owners of America and Second Amendment Foundation.

This must change, and immediately. Because while the freeloaders have been sleeping, a newly-freed-from-office Michael Bloomberg has been quietly setting up professional lobbying groups in the several states, and they’re kicking into high gear now.

If a lot more gun owners don’t get involved, perhaps the bold chatroom warriors will get the chance to demonstrate to their brethren in Connecticut how much better they’ll perform when it’s their turn to show the stuff they’re made of.
By David Codrea

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7 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: The Unconstitutional State

  1. Virginia Gun Owners Forum

    A sad day for Connecticut gun owners, indeed. Freedom-loving Americans need to find a way to come together to beat the Democrat/Progressive/Communist party. We say that we love Freedom and Liberty, but there are issues that divide us in a way that makes it difficult for us to put forth a united front to stop the liberals from taking over everything in our country. If we don’t make a stand soon, we will never recover the America that we love and we’ll all be standing in lines like the one in Connecticut.

  2. JCip

    I love the comment about joining the NRA. I tried to get this group (I’m a member)to help me fight for a person in Florida (Marissa Alexander). She was being strangled in her home and pulled out a gun to scare off the attacker. She put a bullet into the wall…not the attacker. In a state with the Castle law (also Stand Your Ground), she was convicted of firing a gun within city limits. She had 2 kids and NO record. She was sent to prison for 20 years. The NRA didn’t raise a finger to help us. I consider the NRA a bag of hot air when it comes to protecting us and the 2nd Amendment.

    1. Mopar

      You are really misrepresenting the Marissa Alexander story. There was a boatload of evidence that it was NOT self defense, starting with the fact she went out to her car in the garage to get the gun, then came back into the house to fire the “warning shot” into the wall inches from her husband’s head, and also close the the children. She also never called 911, and fled the scene when the so-called “attacker” called police.

      She’s also NOT serving any time in jail right now, and has been granted a retrial on a technical mistake.

      A less biased look at the Marissa Alexander case can be found here:

  3. Dave Post author

    Don’t feel sorry for CT, just for the few guys who thought they had to be law abiding and register. They will be first to get the SWAT visits when confiscations start.

    In all, the state registered 32.3 thousand ‘large capacity magazines’, aka ‘effective family protection magazines’ – this out of what the state’s own Office of Legislative Research estimated (prior to the passing of the new anti-citizen laws) to be a minimum of 2.4 Million LCMs and “possibly millions more”. Their estimate was based on a guesstimate of 4 magazines per rifle. (Straw polls with my friends indicate more like 8 – 12).

    So the new CT laws have a LCM registration rate of 1.5% based on the MINIMUM number estimate. Of course if there are more than the original estimate, the success rate is lower. This means that the new laws have a RESOUNDING FAILURE RATE OF 98.5% or possibly (as in ‘possibly millions more’) far higher. And CT is trying desperately to ignore their own estimate from a year ago, trying desperately to sweep these numbers under the rug, and trying desperately to arrange some sort of ‘amnesty’ for those who still won’t comply. They know damned well they’ll never be able to enforce this law across the board but will be limited to finding unregistered magazines incidentally to other crimes or traffic stops. Bottom line – it’s a complete failure from the ‘git-go’ – total non-compliance and for all practical purposes unenforceable. And we’ve not even touched on Jury Nullification if they do try to enforce it on anyone at all.

    In other words, we should all of us scream this failure rate across the nation and world. On TV, on talk radio, in public meetings, on your discussion forums and on any gun or survival or liberty oriented blog you read or comment on. Brag about the non-compliance rate, make fun of CT and liberals in general over their ABJECT FAILURE in CT. If we resisted to this extent over magazines, just what percentage of ‘assault’ guns do they think they registered? 2%? Less? HA! This piece of dreck legislation is a great, big, joke on Gov. Malloy and all of his sycophants. Let’s let out a HORSE-LAUGH that all of America and even the entire UN can hear! Humiliating them is probably preferable from a moral perspective to shooting them all, right? So let’s get busy, and let the humiliations begin!


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