EXCLUSIVE: The Dark Night Rises

A frenzied reaction from gun control advocates, the mainstream media and opportunistic politicians was predictable following the horrific mass shootings at the Aurora, Colo., premiere of the Batman summer blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises. The prolonged, furious intensity, unabated at this writing, weeks after the attack, suggests enemies of the Second Amendment sense an opportunity to buck political timidity preceding the November elections, and to strike a crippling blow to the right to keep and bear arms. Adding a disappointing element into the furor was a number of so-called conservatives who felt compelled to add their voices to those of the mob.

“NRA’s LaPierre has blood on his hands,” Pete Dreier, a “progressive” professor accused in an all-too-typical hit piece representative of Salon.com and the establishment media. “He didn’t pull the trigger, but he’s the NRA’s hit man when it comes to intimidating elected officials,” Dreier “reasoned,” devolving into childish ad hominem such as “Its [sic] hard to know if he’s mentally unstable but he’s certainly crazy like a fox (and Fox News).”

Legislation demands from the usual suspects were immediate, everything from a renewed ban on “assault weapons” to banning of online ammunition sales to—and those who ridicule the “slippery slope” concept take note—a ban on handguns endorsed by the United Methodist Church. President Obama ignored the pre-election wisdom of not touching the “gun control” third rail and, per The Washington Post, “told the National Urban League…he believes a lot of gun owners would agree that ‘AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers,’ not civilians on American streets.” The next day he and his people backed off and resumed the “enforce existing gun laws mantra,” notably after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid freaked at the prospect of November revenge and announced there was no room on his schedule to even consider such measures.

That’s not stopping RKBA nemesis Rep. Carolyn McCarthy and others in “safe districts” to join with Senator Frank Lautenberg on an ammo sales bill, one that would require showing the same form of government-issued ID Eric Holder’s Justice Department maintains discriminates against minorities when you require it to vote. And Obama’s spokesman, apparently oblivious to the previous flap, indicated the president would “evaluate” the measure.

Adding to the wave of assaults was a surprise attack from the political right, with “conservative” pundit Bill Kristol advising Democrats they were “foolish” for not pushing guns, and calling a ban on semi-autos “moderate.” Bill O’Reilly of the despised-by-the-left Fox News, evidently ignorant of the 1934 National Firearms Act, demanded Congress require dealers to report “heavy weapons” sales to the FBI. Syndicated radio host Michael Savage endorsed banning “assault weapons.” And Supreme Court Justice and presumed “originalist” Antonin Scalia felt it necessary to volunteer, again on Fox News, that “the Second Amendment leaves room for U.S. legislatures to regulate guns, including menacing hand-held weapons.”

The good news is, it appears a critical mass of Americans aren’t being fooled by the engineered hysteria, and gun owners, properly vigilant and holding fast, are realizing it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Addendum: Jury results in the trial of the Reese family reported last month in “A Fixed Fight” were announced as I was finishing this column. The family was found not guilty on one count of conspiracy and 18 counts of gun smuggling they had been charged with. Three of the defendants were found guilty on four of the eight charges of providing false statements.
By David Codrea

4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: The Dark Night Rises

  1. BHirsh

    Justice Scalia was referring to weapons as extreme as a “head axe” or “hand-held rocket launcher”, neither of which are “in common use”, and would fail to meet the first prong of the Miller test.

    The spin on what he said is far more egregious than what he in fact did say.

  2. Mack Missiletoe

    The theater shooter used a Gun Free Zone to kill unsuspecting civilians. ‘nuf said!

    However, we’re not going to let these scared pansies, who are too afraid to defend their country or learn gun safety, take away our guns. We fought through death for our freedom and we’re not going to let these people take away our guns, limit our mags, or raise the price of ammo which is already expensive.

    All this time we have been living in peace while we or our neighbors own guns–and we’ve been fine. It’s these random demented bad guys who have evil intentions–those are the people who need to be prevented or stopped. And there are signs to stop them, we just need to keep our eyes and ears open and be willing to report suspicion behavior.

    Whether these evil bad guys have a gun or not they will kill. So we will stop them.

    To stop the good guys who would harm no one is evil. We enjoy our shooting sports and our freedom that was fought diligently and bravely for in the face of death.

    There is nothing wrong with guns. There is something wrong with a bad guy who has a gun. Stopping the good guys from having guns is most unwise. Most unwise. Don’t let down our defenses.

  3. Mack Missiletoe

    The theater shooter used a gun-free zone to kill others. Think about that looong and hard. Re-read it even. He may have been stopped with a CHL holder or proper security.

    These anti-gun extremists will say anything to make guns look bad. NRA don’t kill nobody, they help us keep our guns so that we have a defense against intruders and can stand for what is right.

    Before you start thinking about over-pricing ammo or limiting a rifle’s magazine to 9 rounds, ponder what will happen next time a gang of evil-doers enters your home–or your friends’ home–and you–or your friend–do not have a proper gun to fend the bad guys off.

    This theater shooter disguised himself as one of us good guys, chose a gun-free zone, used its darkness for a surprise attack, and killed unarmed unsuspecting civilians. Do not fear him, he was yellow-belly. He was a wimp. He did not fight fair–and this could be prevented. I heard reports that some people were quite uneasy about this fellow.

    Next time if it looks like someone may be planning some sort of attack let us all be sure to report it to local police. There’s nothing wrong with looking out for your neighbors! I don’t see a problem with police simply checking on a man to make sure he is not building bombs or planning some sort of attack.

    Why don’t some of these anti-gun people find a friend (or range instructor) to teach them proper gun safety and how to shoot properly. They would not be so afraid. There is a gun for every law abiding, safe, respectful American. It is who we are, a country of riflemen. If not, it aught to be. We sure could have used an armed officer in that theater, eh? Yup!

  4. Lee

    People kill people essentially. This guy could have easily gone in with a machete and killed the same amount of people, albeit with more time.
    It seems from research that this man was taken advantage of and maybe something to do with the government to introduce tighter controls on citizens having firearms. After all, the weaker the average citizen is; whether financially, defensively – the stronger the position of those who govern.
    If you check out the ‘Batman Shooter’ he looks highly drugged, and doesn’t even look like he can stay awake. And he told officers his house was rigged of bombs, how nice of him.


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