Exclusive: The Colt in the Crossbreed

Successful concealed carry for civilians requires finding not only the right gun or the right means of carry but also the right combination of handgun and holster. Some handguns and holsters go well together; some, not so much. One of my favorite combinations for concealed carry is a Colt Defender in a Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe. The strengths of this setup offer 1911 action; 1911 width (or lack thereof); grooved, rubber stocks; easy combat grip and draw; comfortable, all-day carry; and rugged reliability.

1911 Action

As I talk with industry experts and shoot more, my appreciation for the 1911’s action grows, including the straight-back trigger pull and the manual safety that locks not just trigger but also the slide. Other actions may be less complex but all require practice. As such, practicing with a 1911 continues to prove its profound worth as a defensive sidearm.

1911 Width

With slide widths traditionally under an inch, the 1911 is easier and more comfortable to conceal. In a Crossbreed SuperTuck, the only additional materials in between waistband and hip are thin but strong pieces of leather and Kydex. That adds up to less thickness and therefore greater comfort for concealed carry.

Grooved, Rubber Stocks

DSC_8716You can get finger-grooved rubber stocks for virtually any handgun, but the Colt Defender comes equipped with them. I’ve put other stocks on the Defender and soon switched back. Despite their girth, the rubber stocks offer superior purchase and terrific feel. The Crossbreed pulls them in close so that there’s minimal hang-up on clothing that drapes over them.

Easy Combat Grip and Draw

Crossbreed cuts the leather backing on this holster to allow a combat grip on whatever gun is carried in it. For the Defender, that means easy access to the rubber stocks, resulting in a quick and sure draw from concealment.

Comfortable, All-Day Carry

A Colt Defender sports a three-inch barrel and weighs 24 ounces. Add seven rounds of .45 ACP on board and you have small and chunky defined. Thankfully, the Crossbreed SuperTuck distributes that weight across its large leather backing attached to two metal clips that attach to your gun belt. Not your dress belt or any other belt. Your gun belt. Do that and the Colt in the Crossbreed will carry comfortably, all day.

Rugged Reliability

DSC_8717The Colt Defender (MSRP $1,039.27) is no fancy-pants show gun. It’s all business. Same goes for the Crossbreed SuperTuck (MSRP $69.75). Both are functional wonders, eminently durable, and together provide for rugged and reliable carry, no matter what your environment.

Got a favorite gun/holster combination? Let us know about it in the comments below…

— Mark Kakkuri

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6 thoughts on “Exclusive: The Colt in the Crossbreed

  1. BluHog

    My daily carry is the Colt Defender which I often have tucked into my Galco “King Tuk” IWB holster. I admit I’ve been using a dress belt but I’m looking for a suitably plain but sturdy gun belt so I won’t need to have the belt so tightly cinched to refuce jostling of the weapon. The King Tuk is very similar to Crossbreed’s SuperTuck – both are excellent designs (wonder whose was first to the market).

  2. David Hotaling

    I use a leather holster with thumb break for outside the waste band carry on a good leather belt. Made by the holster store. About the same size a defender but a .5″ longer barrel and with Armsocr factory ACT mags puts 7 in the magazine and one in the chamber. Total price with gun and magazines with holster is about 525 dollars with shipping. Buy 2 for the price of the Colt and with life time warranty for the gun. It doesn’t matter if it’s used. My Rock Island Armory 1911 cs tactical maybe all steel but I don’t need to worry about the chrome coming off in holster carry of a parkized gun.

  3. Dan

    I have been thing of getting a crossbreed holster I use my colt defender in winter months and I use my colt pocketlite in summer months with that I use thunder wear holster very comfortable.


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