Exclusive: Spoiled by Sig? Carry This Rig

Shooting Sig Sauer’s SP2022 will spoil you, so much so that you’ll do just about anything to carry it concealed, despite its relatively large size. Some options: Detroit Concealment’s INfil holster and Sig Sauer’s own paddle holster. If leather’s more your thing, take a look at the holster offerings from the award-winning American Holster Company (AHC). I told owner Jay Nelson I wanted an outside the waistband concealment solution for the SP2022 and this was his answer: the Midland holster with a gun belt and spare magazine carrier. Carry the SP2022 in this rig and prepare to be spoiled again.

!DSC_9095About the belt and the mag carrier: Offering double layer construction that’s glued and stitched, the AHC belt offers plenty of heft and stiffness to carry whatever, including a holstered SP2022. The belt’s hardware shines bright and functions superbly. Over time, the belt has broken-in well but lost none of its chutzpah. And with the mag carrier riding at 9 o’clock, it’s a great match for the Midland holster.

Outside the waistband holsters tend to be strong on comfort but short on conceal-ability. This is true for the Midland but any lack of conceal-ability was more the fault of the SP2022’s girth. So here’s the best way to conceal the Sig with this rig: Place the Midland holster at 4 o’clock or just sligtly ahead of that. But not quite at 3 o’clock. Tighten the gun belt as tight as you can stomach it. For me, this pulls the Sig in close and up, placing the rear sights just under my forearm (when my hands are relaxed at my side) and the stocks ending up in my side, just above the hip.

!DSC_9093The Midland offers only the slightest forward cant so concealment of the SP2022 requires some untucked shirts or a jacket to fully hide it. As a belt slide holster, the Midland offers two loops for attachment. Their design and placement results in a very sure and steady ride, ironically one that will hardly slide at all once you cinch up that belt. The Midland’s molded fit offers a sure hold on the SP2022 and, once it is broken in, the right tension to let it go on the draw.

The American Holster Company’s Midland holster retails for $132.00. Jay Nelson has a bit of an order backlog right now, so if you decide to spoil yourself with this rig, be patient.

— Mark Kakkuri

Learn more at www.americanholstercompany.com.

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