Exclusive: Sig Sauer Paddle Holster

Sig Sauer’s SP2022 rivals the best of any 9mm pistols out there for overall usefulness, accuracy, and durability. It may be relatively large for civilian concealed carry but, with the right holster and clothing, it’ll hide well. For carry around the house, in the backcountry, at the range, or on duty, Sig Sauer offers its own branded paddle holster. Not only did the SP2022 fit the holster perfectly — we would rightly expect nothing less — but also the gun carried with exceptional comfort and accessibility.

DSC_8691Known for providing an easy-on, easy-off means of holstering a handgun, paddle holsters also offer a very comfortable ride as the handgun rides outside the waistband. It’s a bit of a balancing act — the paddle and carrier have to be designed to accommodate the weight of a gun, to distribute that weight to the paddle, to flex enough to install or remove, and yet to ride firmly and allow an unobstructed and safe draw.

Under a real gun belt (highly recommended!) the paddle sat against my hip at 3 o’clock and, carrying the SP2022, felt great. In fact, I was able to cinch up my gun belt another notch for even greater stability with no loss of comfort. The Sig Sauer holster carried the SP2022 at a slight forward cant that is better for open carry applications than concealed and offered a very accessible combat grip. Drawing the SP2022, the holster yielded through friction its hold on the gun. A tension screw allowed me to change this as needed.

DSC_8692It’s possible to carry the SP2022 concealed with this holster, but not well, at least not during summer months. It will hide decently under a T-shirt and an untucked button shirt or large sweatshirt but better holsters exist for concealing this gun. Where the Sig Sauer holster excelled, however, was carrying the SP2022 on duty or in places where open carry is more sensible.

Retailing for $26.95 on Sig Sauer’s website, the paddle holster comes in right hand models only. In addition to the SP2022, Sig Sauer ships a holster with the P290, P238, P938, P250, P320, and items ending in TACPAC.

— Mark Kakkuri

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