Exclusive: Ruger Announces “Silent-SR 10/22 Takedown”

By Dave Workman

Sturm, Ruger & Co. has introduced so many variations of the 10/22 semi-auto rifle over the years a program, if not an encyclopedia, is needed to keep track of them all.

Now comes a little something for folks who like suppressors, the Silent-SR 10/22 Takedown with its Integrally Suppressed Barrel (ISB). What’s more, they’ve made it user-friendly. It’s easy to disassemble for cleaning, and the internal components seal together “to keep the by-products of combustion away from the tube,” according to Ruger.

Everything is held together by a single screw, which retains the 17-4 stainless baffles and cap within the sleeve. This screw doubles as a removal tool.

Nobody should wonder about the new 10/22 model. This is a legendary .22-caliber rimfire and millions of them have been sold over the past 50-plus years. Introduced in 1964, the little self-loader with its 10-round rotary magazine became something of an overnight sensation. It is simple to operate, delightfully accurate, lightweight and durable.

Having owned one for several years, an article was inspired after shooting the heads off wooden kitchen matches at 25 yards — with a scope on top and the support of a sandbag rest. Grouse and rabbits have been taken with it, and it’s been carried along on some hikes. For a while, it was even mounted on an after-market folding synthetic stock on the rifle, which made it even more convenient for tucking behind the seat of my pickup. An estimated several thousand rounds have gone down the bore without a single malfunction.

Ruger’s Silent-SR ISB is capable of reducing sound pressure levels to an average of 113.2 dB, according to company literature, when using standard velocity ammunition.

The ISB sleeve surrounding the baffles is matched to the rifle’s forend. It has a Cerakote finish, and it has an effective barrel length of 10.62 inches, and a legal length of 16.12 inches. The barrel is cut with six lands and grooves on a 1:16-inch right-hand twist. It weighs a scant 2.6 pounds.

Now the really good news: Ruger designed the ISB to be compatible with several of its 10/22 models, including the 10/22 Takedown and Takedown Lite and the 22 Charger Takedown.

The rifle carries a suggested MSRP of $629.00.

For more info: www.ruger-firearms.com

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5 thoughts on “Exclusive: Ruger Announces “Silent-SR 10/22 Takedown”

  1. John Patterson

    So, I assume you still have to purchase through a FFL, file appropriate forms, pay $200 and wait for a Tax Stamp?? I bought two suppressors last year, started the paperwork in May and didn’t get my Stamps back until the next March!

    1. Dave Workman

      Hi, John:
      So far there has been no change in the federal statute regarding suppressors, although the Hearing Protection Act has been introduced.
      Presently, this barrel is just an accessory, and you do have to go through the NFA paperwork and pay the $200.
      Thanks for reading.

      1. Pro2AGuy

        Sounds like you are fighting back in ‘The Land of Lincoln’ which is ever so effective even when the battle seems futile..Like you, I am a (Patron) Life NRA in your neighboring and much more Conservative ‘Show Me State’ which is very Second Amendment friendly. Amazing what a couple of miles can do in the world of politics…

  2. Alan Talbott

    I live in the worker’s paradise of People’s Democratik Repubelik of Illinoistanski …………. so there’s not much point in me even looking at it. And before anyone says ” move ” …… I can’t. And before anyone says ” do something about it ” I’ve been an NRA Benefactor Life Member and an Illinois State Rifle Assoc. Benefactor Life Member for YEARS. Democrats make me wish that I was born with more middle fingers.


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