Exclusive: Recluse Two-Sided Holster

A proliferation of pocket guns brings a proliferation of pocket holsters, some more traditional, some quite innovative. Kahr’s smallish-but-not-quite-mousy CW380, while a great gun, needs a bit of help not only to stand up straight in a pocket but also to remain comfortably hidden. And that’s the mission of the aptly-named Recluse Two-Sided Holster, a unique clamshell design made from high-quality leather.

With smooth leather comprising its outer sides, the Recluse goes into a pocket smoothly and, for all intents and purposes, to print like a wallet or mobile phone. So it’s seen, yes, but not objectionably so.

DSC_6206The rough leather on the inner sides of the holster face the gun and help ensure a snug fit. With stitching only near where the gun’s muzzle fits, the Recluse has the ability to open up and yield the gun when you reach your hand in to draw it out. That means it holds the gun firmly until it is time to not hold it firmly.

Both sides of the Kahr’s triggerguard and slide enjoy complete coverage by the Recluse holster, not only helping to hide it (as viewed in a pocket) but to protect both wearer and gun from abrasion. While the CW380 has a fairly smooth frame and stock with few controls, its just more comfortable to have a smooth piece of thick leather resting between it and your leg when carrying in a front pocket.

The Recluse requires no friction panel or hook to keep it in a pocket because the hand movements required for drawing from the Recluse involve putting fingers around the stock of the gun which press the holster’s leather sides away from the gun and into the sides of the pocket. Moreover, as fingers get around the stocks, the upward pull of the gun is unhindered by the now-out-of-the-way leather panels.

DSC_6207Retailing for $59.95 the Recluse Two-Sided Holster helps keep the CW380 out of sight but at the ready. One note on pocket carry: I tried carrying the CW380 in the Recluse in my back pocket but found the front pocket of a favorite pair of jeans to be the most comfortable, accessible, and stable location.

What pockets do you use for concealed carry?

— Mark Kakkuri

Learn more about Recluse LLC at the Guns Magazine Product Index.

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