Exclusive: Pachmayr Expands G10 Replacement Grips

Adds Model For MKIV Pistol

By Dave Workman

Pachmayr has added new G10 replacement grip panels for the Ruger Mark IV pistol, and they spruce up the pistol.

Dave carries his pistol in a nylon holster attached to his hunting backpack.

Being the proud and delighted owner of a Ruger Mark IV pistol, introduced in 2016, it was with no small amount of interest I immediately read about replacement grips for this model from Pachmayr, made from G10.

Not to overstate a case here, but G10 is some pretty tough stuff. It’s a fiberglass-based epoxy resin laminate, as spelled out in Pachmayr literature, and when it is crafted into pistol grips it can be very eye-catching and durable.

Pachmayr became famous years ago for producing replacement grips out of a rubber material. I have such grips for several of my handguns I put on in the winter months because they are impervious to changing weather conditions.

Same goes for G10. Rain on it. Drop G10 in the snow, or the mud. Give it a taste of sweat in the summer, along with dry, dusty weather. The stuff doesn’t fail.

While the factory grips on a Ruger .22-caliber pistol are certainly adequate and functional, and not the least bit attractive with that Ruger logo, there’s just something about replacement grips. They personalize a handgun; set it apart from all the other, similar pistols of the same model.

The new G10 Pachmayrs are solid on the inside, while the factory plastic panels are hollow.

G10 is made from layered material and then inletted precisely to accommodate the ambidextrous thumb safety.

Not to criticize the factory grip panels, but they are hollow while the G10 replacements are solid back to front.

Soon as I read about them, I fired off an order and days later — in plenty of time for me to slap them on prior to the opening weekend of deer season in my home state of Washington — they arrived. Call it incredible timing because an unseasonable cold front brought snow to where I was hunting. If anything was going to prove if these grips are made of stout stuff that was it.

There are two versions of the new G10 Pachmayrs for the Mark IV, the Grappler and the Checkered. I got a set of the checkered grips because I know what Northwest winters are like: Damp, nasty and unforgiving. I’m happy to report these new Pachmayrs didn’t disappoint.

A close look shows Pachmayr designers put a fair amount of thought into their G10 models. They are checkered and inletted for a perfect fit and secure hold. Since a .22 pistol with a target barrel doesn’t recoil a bit, my only concern about holding on is that in wet weather, some pistol grips can get kind of slippery. Not so with these.

Pachmayr’s replacement grip panels are carefully crafted to fit exactly on the grip frame of the Mark IV.

The G10 does not interfere with the magazine assist plunger, the thin piece of steel projecting down from the frame.

Once I mounted them, I had enough time before heading to the mountains to spend a bit of time at the range. They did not change my ability to hit what I was shooting at.

I typically carry a sidearm while big game hunting in the event a bunny or grouse decides to commit suicide-by-Workman. I’ve had occasion to fill an empty pot around hunting camp because of it, and from now on, my pistol will look rather snazzy!

Pachmayr offers G10 replacement grips to fit 1911 pistols, the SIG 238 and 938, Ruger Mark III and 22/45 models, the Beretta 92, Browning Hi Power and the CZ75.

The MSRP on these grips is $44.98 and from my experience already this fall, they’re definitely worth the investment. Rabbit season runs through the winter in my state, ending March 15. The grouse season continues to Dec. 31. That will afford me plenty of time to take a stroll through the woods and have the Mark IV pistol along.

For more info visit: www.gunsmagazine.com/company/pachmayr-tacstar

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