Exclusive: Pachmayr Delivers For Wheelgunners With New Competition Speedloaders

By Dave Workman

Being an old wheelgunner, anytime somebody comes up with a product aimed at keeping revolvers relevant, they get my full attention.

So, when Pachmayr revealed it will introduce a series of competition speedloaders for such popular models as the Smith & Wesson J-, K- and L-Frame revolvers, which will also work with the Ruger LCR, GP100 and other round guns from Taurus and Rossi, I called them up and made immediate plans to get my grubby old wrinkled mitts on them.

Back in my earlier years when I often competed in handgun shoots at my local gun club, I used a revolver — either a Model 19 S&W or my 6-inch Colt Python — and managed to do some pretty quick reloads. Trust me, there’s nothing like acing somebody using a semi-auto who might be a bit clumsy on a mag change.
These new American-made speedloaders from Pachmayr should not disappoint.

First and foremost, they are CNC-machined from solid aluminum, so they will definitely take the knocks of typical field use. They have a polygonal shape to provide the smallest exterior diameter possible. According to Pachmayr, when cartridges are locked in with a twist of the knob, they don’t rattle thanks to an O-ring to keep them snug.

Why is that important? Rattling cartridges translates to loose cartridges, and that means they just might not quickly line up with the empty chambers. It may cost a second on the firing line, and it could cost a lot more in a gunfight.

My only beef is Pachmayr isn’t offering speedloaders for N-Frame S&W revolvers, meaning — at least for now (hint, hint) — they won’t have a model sized to work with my Model 57 sixguns in .41 Magnum, or the .44 Magnum Model 29.

Pachmayr’s new aluminum speedloaders are not only functional, but they’re kind of snazzy as well with a handsome blue finish on the main body. The knurled knob works just like my current speedloaders, so the feel is going to be familiar.

With a suggested retail cost of under $20, the new accessory speedloader is affordable. I’m a firm believer in not packing a revolver without at least two or three speedloaders in my jacket or vest pockets, which is enough firepower to settle most any serious disagreement.

Sure I carry a lightweight Colt Commander much of the time. The .45 ACP is a proven stopper, but out here in the Northwest when I get away from the pavement I much prefer a revolver. All one needs to make a wheelgun work is loose ammunition, whereas a lost or damaged magazine makes for an awkward single-shot pistol, or a gun that doesn’t work at all if it’s got a magazine disconnect.

Pachmayr has done people like me a favor. These handy devices should be showing up soon at gun shops and sporting goods stores.

For more info: www.gunsmagazine.com/company/pachmayr-tacstar

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