EXCLUSIVE: Norway Massacre Justifies Disarmament?

By David Codrea

A maniac disguised as a policeman went on a bombing and shooting spree in Norway, unopposed by responding law enforcement for a full 90 minutes. At this writing, eight people were killed by a car bomb explosion in Oslo, and less than two hours later, 69 people were shot and killed at a youth camp on Utoya Island. Per Radar Online, it was “the deadliest attack by a single gunman in history.”

As expected, the anti-gunners went into full blood-dance mode.

The Brady Campaign used the situation to accuse US-recognized firearms freedoms of being responsible for more carnage—citing several examples of mass shootings, albeit not mentioning the ones he cited to make their case—Columbine, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood—all took place in “gun free zones,” where the edicts they demand were in full force.

New Brady poster boy Colin Goddard, who was helpless during the Virginia Tech murders and now endorses laws to impose defenselessness on the rest of us, expressed outrage. “I was soon infuriated,” he pouted, “by the gun fanatics in America who immediately used this massacre to assert that strong gun laws, like Norway’s, don’t work.”

Well, they don’t.  Sorry if reality offends you, pal.

Not to be outdone, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy issued a statement actually blaming the Norway shootings on “lax US gun laws.” If only, she asserts, we would pass her standard-capacity magazine ban into law (what the antis call “assault clips” as a convenient sound bite to elicit a fear response from the ignorant), foreign terrorists would no longer be able to acquire them. Yeah, that’s what she’s selling.

You have to remember that knowing what she’s talking about is not her strong suit—when pressed by MSNBC host Tucker Carlson to explain elements of an “assault weapons” ban she introduced that included a barrel shroud among prohibited features, McCarthy was unable to explain what that was, finally postulating it was “that shoulder thing that goes up.”   Not content with only one class of firearms (gungrabbers never are), she held a press conference to ban .50 caliber rifles, introducing New York Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington, who authoritatively informed attending journalists “some of these bullets have an incendiary device on the tip of it, which is a heat-seeking device, so you don’t shoot deer with a bullet that size. If you do, you cook it at the same time.”

British philosophy professor A.C. Grayling didn’t mess around with mere technical details—he went straight for the end game—the one the antis accuse gun owners of being paranoid about when we claim they ultimately want to ban private ownership of firearms.

“Guns, he writes,” should be the subject of worldwide outrage. Their manufacture and sale should be a human-rights abuse, on which we pour vilification and horror. They should be illegal for all but properly constituted, trained and controlled agencies of governments, provided of course that the governments in question are themselves properly constituted and controlled by democratic means in a society where the rule of law obtains.”

There’s the rub, eh, professor?

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12 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Norway Massacre Justifies Disarmament?

  1. Robert Fowler

    some of these bullets have an incendiary device on the tip of it, which is a heat-seeking device.

    This would make the miss ratio go down. Cooking a deer while you kill it could come in handy at deer camp. Think of the time saved with having to cook. More hunting time and yummy deer to boot. I don’t see the problem./sarcasm, off.

    It’s hard to believe that people this stupid can actually get elected to public office. It says a lot about their constituency.

    1. theaton

      If you look at the electorate, it’s not that hard to believe that stupid people get elected. Take the typical NRA member for example. If they take the time to get off their lazy butts to vote, they’ll vote for a RINO like John McCain or Mitt Romney. They have no worries, nobody is going to come for their hunting rifle. Uninformed losers for an electorate gets you uninformed politicians. Tyranny abounds.

  2. MamaLiberty

    “It’s hard to believe that people this stupid can actually get elected to public office.”

    Actually, it’s hard to believe people this stupid survive puberty.

    “It says a lot about their constituency.”

    Same problem. Seems to me that it’s about time the not so stupid finally start paying attention and take back their lives. Why do we allow a bunch of stupid people to control us at all, let alone in matters of life and death?

  3. Chris Mallory

    I wonder what Professor Grayling thinks about government of the mob, like the one working on burning London to the ground as we speak. Of course people like Grayling will have the protection he wants to deny everyone else.

    1. Braden Lynch

      Question: You know what really works well with a mob burning down buildings and also endangering innocent lives?

      Answer: Shooting them. If you’ve got a torch or a Molotov cocktail then your guilt is presumed. Just a few dead rioters and the problem magically goes away. That’s how we used to handle dangerous rioters in the past.

  4. TSgt B

    “properly constituted, trained, and controlled agencies of governments”

    Like the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives violating several federal laws by providing “assault”-style weapons to foreign drug dealers and criminal cartels?

    Like the Ponzi scheme known as “Social Security”, if you and I, the average citizen, did these things, we’d be in prison. No doubt those responsible will be promoted, like the murderous thugs of Waco and Ruby Ridge.

    Our Forefathers WOULD BE SHOOTING BY NOW. I firmly beleive that if they came back today, they would ask 2 questions: (1) WHAT IN THE HELL DID YOU DO TO WHAT WE LEFT YOU?????, and,(2) where are our muskets? We must set this aright. To which I would say, “Mr. Jefferson, may I introduce you to the AR-10, sir”?

  5. LouisCipher777

    every time I read that last part it makes me throw up a little. in the 20th century, over 130 million people were murdered by their own governments.

  6. wyattshay

    As a retired cop, I trust any government as far as I can spit up wind in a tornado. One of the questions that was asked by the chief that I worked under was are you a member of the John Birch Society, the NRA or any other subversive organization. I joined the NRA the next day. That moron didn’t even know that all of our firearms training was furnished by NRA trained instructors.

    Just remember that when your life is in danger a police officer is as many as 45 minutes away. My 1911 is always a half second away. A word to concealed carry participants, the permit doesn’t protect you, but the gun that it lets you carry. I know that in the hot summer time it may be uncomfortable to carry. The most stupid you will ever feel is just before you get shot because you don’t have your gun with you, and pay attention to what is going on around you. After 9-11 there is no excuse to wander around with your head up you posterior. Consider any crowded place as dangerous. You can bet muslims that are on a jihad view them as a potential target.

  7. Mike T

    I think every single one of us gun owners, and 2nd amendment supporters needs to find a friend, family member, or some other individual who believes that guns should be outlawed, and talk to them. Take what they think they know about guns and turn it upside down and give them the truth. Tell them (in a really nice way) what reality is. Read a few articles before you do this first of course so you don’t just further alienate them. And ultimately, teach them about guns, take them to the range, teach them the safety rules, and let them shoot. This will alleviate their unreasonable fears and hopefully they will pass on their new found knowledge to others. If we establish a culture that takes these fearful people aside and teach them the truth, make it a habit of quashing BS lies about guns on the spot without being rude, then there will be fewer people around who believe these ridiculous things of guns, and even fewer who will support them.

  8. ken

    how do these morons get into office? we put them there, by voting for them or not voting against them. it’s a sad day we are living in folks. i’m all for carrying my gun concealed, or i wouldn’t have bothered jumping through the necessary hoops to be licensed to do it.
    we always fire back with what our founding fathers believed, but in stating what they believed, we inevitably always leave out God! they warned us way back when about what would happen if we took God out of our society, and if i’m not mistaken, what they said would happen is exactly what our country has become.
    the problem is not the in the white house, it’s in the church house. we’ve put God on a shelf because we think we can manage just fine on our own.
    God’s still alive and well! He’s just waiting to hear from us.

  9. Russell M

    “…properly constituted and controlled…” Like the British police assassinations of: Jean Charles de Menezes, James Ashley, or Harry Stanley?


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