Exclusive: MTM Case-Gard’s New High-Low Shooting Table Handy For All Terrain

By Dave Workman

Having used products from MTM Case-Gard for quite some time, particularly the hard plastic cartridge boxes and padded handgun cases, the announcement that this outfit had produced a portable, lightweight shooting table that may be used in high or low positions got my attention.

Stability, that’s what it’s all about. The MTM Case-Gard High-Low Shooting
Table is a solid platform that can go anywhere.

This thing is really quite clever, featuring three adjustable legs in a tripod configuration with integral steel spike-type footings that wedge into the ground with the press of a foot.

This steel wedge is the key to stability, because it can be pressed into the ground.

A little pressure from a boot puts the leg stake into the ground.

The adjustments are easy with a rugged synthetic clamp on each leg, secured by thumb-type screws. It provides a surprisingly sturdy and stable platform, even on a slope.

The shooting table height is adjustable, and Workman found it very stable.

From the moment it arrived, the High-Low Shooting Table struck me as something into which a fair amount of thought had been invested. The actual “table” is made from tough polypropylene with a center mount molded into the center of the underside. This is where a single screw attaches the adjustable legs, and allows the top to rotate.

A clever work of simplicity, MTM Case-Gard’s portable shooting table has three
sturdy legs and a tough polypropylene surface with molded-in slots for racking rifles.

This table surface has a ridge that runs all the way around so things don’t accidentally roll off onto the ground where it might be difficult, if not impossible, to find them. The cleverness in this design goes farther, because at three points along the edge there are indentations into which the barrel of a rifle may be securely rested. There is also a molded-in handle at one end for easy carrying.

Even with a fairly hefty sandbag rest like this well-used one from Caldwell, the
High-Low Shooting Table is up to the chore.

The tabletop, which is Dark Earth in color, is wide at one end and tapers slightly to a narrower end. One can shoot from either position, as the top is large enough to hold a sandbag rest. It measures 17-by-33 inches, and it handled my Caldwell sandbag rest in stride.

The adjustable legs have double locking capabilities. The synthetic clamp
comes loose to allow movement…

But with it in the locked down position, a few turns on the securing screw
makes sure the leg won’t shift.

On a trek into the central Cascade Mountains, I put the High-Low table to the test on uneven ground and it performed as designed. The thing about adjustable legs is that it becomes rather easy to level out the table surface without too much trouble.

Author packs the lightweight High-Low Shooting Table from MTM Case-Gard to
a mountain shooting spot.

MTM designed a tough nylon carry strap into the tripod legs that features a wrap-around nylon strap that holds the collapsed legs together for transport and storage.

Author finds that standing and shooting is often more comfortable than sitting…

…But if the need arises, the High-Low Shooting Table can be lowered for a relaxed rest.

I found that the High-Low adjusts from a low position of 18 inches to a high of 55 inches, which should accommodate the tallest shooter. I actually spread all three legs out wide and discovered that this little trick seemed to increase the stability.

For all its strength, the High-Low Shooting Table is surprisingly lightweight. For anyone packing gear along, this handy accessory might come in rather handy out on the plains for shooting prairie dogs, and for checking the zero on a rifle or handgun once someone arrives at hunting camp.

The new MTM Case-Gard High-Low Shooting Table will also be right at home on primitive, undeveloped shooting ranges. And when the shooting is finished, one can use it for holding cleaning supplies while mopping out your gun bore.

With an MRSP of less than $140, the High-Low Shooting Table is one of those accessories for serious shooters that deserves a close look. It’s the kind of thing one puts in the back of a pickup or SUV for a day trip, weekend or longer, and it will come back home in good shape.

Find out about MTM Case-Gard products at mtmcase-gard.com.

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