Exclusive: Is this the Ultimate 10mm 1911? Kimber Super Jagare

By Dave Workman
Photos by Mark Hampton

The 10mm Auto cartridge has frequently fascinated me, from its introduction in the ill-fated Bren Ten through its offering in the Colt Delta Elite, GLOCK and several other handgun models.

When it first entered the spotlight, it was touted by many as the semi-auto equivalent of the .41 Magnum, and this got my attention because that maverick revolver cartridge is my favorite big bore. In reality, the 10mm, depending upon the specific load, lands somewhere between the .41 Magnum and it’s smaller sibling, the .357 Magnum.

It’s a powerhouse capable of taking certain big game, and it will doubtless put the brakes on a fight.

The aluminum trigger is set with a 4- to 5-pound pull weight.

One of the many Custom Shop enhancements of the Super Jagare is
the rounded heel of the rear of the grip frame.

A New Spin

So now comes Kimber with the “Super Jagare” model from the Custom Shop. To say this handgun has lots of bells and whistles and will almost certainly garner a following is probably unnecessary. But I’ll say it, anyway.

I’ve had a bit of experience with Kimber pistols. My first time out of the gate with this brand name was with the Custom Compact model. The pistol so impressed me I bought it after having run a few hundred rounds through it. I still own the gun and carry it occasionally with its Officer’s model-size frame and magazine, and a dead-bang accurate 4″ barrel.

Several years ago, when a local police department transitioned to a choice of two different handguns, Kimber was one of those choices. It was another of their Model 1911 clones, also with a 4″ barrel but with the full-size frame, and I had the opportunity to train with some of those guys as they moved from a 9mm double action to a cocked-and-locked .45 single action.

My personal day-to-day carry gun is also a 1911-type pistol, and this is one more reason the Super Jagare got my attention. Here’s a serious semi-auto hunting handgun that would feel right at home in my hand.

The Super Jagare from Kimber combines a lot of cool features in one 1911—longslide,
optic ready, ported and chambered in 10mm. Wow!

The ports are made of triple slots cut into the slide that correspond with ports cut
into the barrel to help tame the 10mm’s recoil.

The Kimber comes standard with a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro.

Where It Counts

But let’s take a look at this Custom Shop entry. It’s got a 6″ ported barrel with accompanying slots in the slide and match grade bushing, and it’s cut with a 1:16″ left-hand twist. It is designed with a standard- or military-length guide rod around which is placed an 18.5-ounce recoil spring. The aluminum trigger is set at about 4–5 pounds, which is exactly where my carry guns are set — another plus.

The overall length is 9.7″, it’s got an ambidextrous thumb safety, it is 5.25″ high, and it sports Kimber’s “super carry” front strap checkering pattern for a solid grip. Kimber adds the “carry melt” treatment to do away with sharp edges. The slide is smooth up front, and this is because this pistol comes with a DeltaPoint Pro optic sight from Leupold, worth $519.00 on its own.

The Super Jagare comes with an 8-round magazine, and the grip frame has a round heel. It wears Micarta grip panels and the front of the frame is cut high under the trigger guard for a slightly higher hold. Kimber added a KimPro charcoal gray finish on the frame and a “diamond-like” carbon coating on the stainless slide. All of this is tucked into a package carrying an MSRP of $2,688.00.

For sure when the 10mm lets go, you’ve definitely capped off a serious round. It’s a rather flat-shooting cartridge right at home in the Super Jagare. This is a serious pistol for serious pistoleros. It’s not likely to disappoint.


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6 thoughts on “Exclusive: Is this the Ultimate 10mm 1911? Kimber Super Jagare

  1. Frank

    Yonkers New York ?……What manufacture builds a firearm in the most Liberal state in America?
    One that contributes to the Anti Gun propaganda hysteria. Sad!

  2. Kevin Powell

    I’ll say your assessment of the Super Jagare is spot on!! I adore the 1911 and am truly in love with Kimbers. I own several in .45 ACP and a Micro Raptor .380. Unfortunately politics in NY have gone south since Kimber was established there, would certainly love to see them relocate. I won’t fault them for “climate” change and will continue the legacy! Continue the great work!

  3. Erick A. Opper

    I plan on purchasing the kimber super jag are 10mm; I would like to see it and feel it in my hands before spending 2600 dollars. Where can I actually see and handle this weapon. I live in Hickory North Carlolina
    Thank You; Regards Erick A. Opper


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