EXCLUSIVE: Is “Cowering… Only Recourse” To School Shooting?

By David Codrea.

Another school shooting has happened, this time in the cafeteria of Chardon High School in Ohio, just up the road a piece from where I live. A 17 year old has been charged with murder and attempted murder in the deaths of three students and the wounding of two others.

At this writing, authorities are still trying to piece together why he did it and how he got the .22-caliber pistol he used to fire 10 shots into his human targets (conflicting stories say he stole it from his uncle or his grandfather).

The local news stations understandably ran with the story full time for the first few days, and their coverage was sadly predictable. The “experts” they presented all focused on topics like bullying (current reports say the attacker may or may not have been the subject of abuse, and may or may not have targeted his victims for revenge), lockdowns (revealingly, those holed up in the teachers’ lounge had to push a piano against the door because it had no lock), and grief counseling. Yet praise for the school administration and police was universal.

And naturally, there was not one word in the reports I watched about the deterrence factor peaceable armed adults could have on those who rely on “gun-free” zones to succeed in their murderous plans. Instead, the newspapers were quick to demand more “common sense gun laws” on their editorial pages, disregarding a shooter not old enough to legally possess a handgun, who stole the one he had, who carried it into a mandated “no-guns” environment…

Media personalities like Bill Maher were quick to take the offensive, telling CNN host Piers Morgan: “Guns are a religion. They’re next to godliness for a lot of people. And you wonder what they’re doing with them. I know they love to blow the brains out of innocent animals for fun, I guess that’s one thing. But they also have this fantasy in their head, if you talk to a lot of right-wingers, that somehow they read the Second Amendment as necessary, because we might have a tyranny in this country.”

Alex Wagner of MSNBC, already on record urging “Get rid of the Second Amendment” after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, offered no answers other than claiming, “Standing up to the vocal, but certainly not all-powerful gun lobby, would be a very good place to start.

Revealing of the mindset that fuels this line of non-reasoning is a popular Chicago feminist blogger who created a firestorm among online activists with her post: “Time to ban handguns, guys.” Responding to a critic’s argument that defenseless people are powerless to do anything but await their execution, she unintentionally did us a service, telling us everything we need to know about the citizen disarmament “solution.”

“Cowering under a desk,” she replied, “is indeed the only recourse for people facing life threatening situations in a school. Unless you are suggesting we pack every lunch box with a handgun.”

I’ve never seen the ultimate stupid argument of the gun-grabbers more eloquently put.

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9 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Is “Cowering… Only Recourse” To School Shooting?

  1. JoeFromSidney

    While I’m all in favor of arming adults in schools, even short of that there is much that could be done. Throw something. A book, a lunch box, a cup of soda, a shoe, a coat, a computer, anything. Then swarm the attacker. Sure, some will be shot, but the attacker can’t get them all at once.

    Sad to say, I think we’ve turned everyone int a bunch of sissies. If you’re going to get shot anyway, you have nothing to lose by fighting back with whatever weapons are at hand.

  2. Woody W Woodward

    Evil people are never successfully resisted by cowering and/or praying. They want their victims to be as defenseless and compliant as possible. Those who advocate submissiveness as a defense to aggression and who preach that, “violence is never the answer” have never been victimized, or are content to allow an aggressor to mistreat them.

  3. Daniel Morseth

    “Then swarm the attacker. Sure, some will be shot, but the attacker can’t get them all at once.”
    Uhhh… please excuse my pointing this out, but that would only be written by someone who has (1) never been shot, (2) never been knifed and most likely (3) never been shot AT. The ‘sure some will be shot’ would not appeal to you if you were the one who took a round to the face or neck, leaving you dead, brain dead or quadriplegic. Short of arming several individuals in the area, then a gang-rush with knives or other lethal implements could be used IF there was a planned unity of timing. But if people rush one or two at a time, they will simply stop a few bullets before the hit the floor.
    You would assume that soldiers might be better equipped to respond to an armed madman, but look at Fort Hood and the muzzie bastard who murdered and wounded until a female armed cop showed up. If even trained military personnel can’t swarm a gunman, I don’t think students can either.

  4. cindy

    The high school I graduated from had originally started out as a boarding “military” school for socially misfit boys. Each boy was required to have a gun. Nobody ever got shot.

    It’s interesting that mass murders tend to occur most frequently in places where people are either disarmed by regulation or otherwise not normally armed, such as schools and church.

  5. Bob Seger

    From the DTI quips website (thanks John Farnam).

    Comments from a reconstructive investigator and friend:

    “My work in reconstructing domestic shooting (non-accident) events has lead me to these conclusions:

    1) VCAs (Violent Criminal Actors) who ply their trade with the expectation of encountering a significant ‘fight’ represent a minuscule minority. The vast majority are simply looking for an easy score with minimal expose to risk.

    2) When substantial resistance, particularly gunfire, emanates from an unexpected source (the intended victim), nearly all VCAs voluntarily disengage, immediately, and run away, having no interest in any kind of ‘fight.’

    3) VCAs who do not immediately disengage upon encountering substantial resistance, and, in fact, close with you while under fire, are unbalanced, or are willing to make ‘the wager.’ They are willing to risk life and limb for a chance to murder you. At that moment, you will call his bluff, or not!

    4) The best evidence that a person is fundamentally unwilling to employ lethal force in calling such bluffs is his self-deceptive belief in a talisman. He will try to convince himself that, by sole virtue of the fact that he is carrying a particular gun or ammunition, he will merely have to waive it in the face of evil spirits to make them go away. Such talismen take many forms, and the naive commonly carry several. They are ‘safe’ only so
    long as their theory remains untested!

    Comment: The “Talisman Theory” of self-defense is akin to cheap
    insurance. It “works” just fine, until you file a claim!

    “You always said
    The cards would never do you wrong
    The trick you said
    Was never play the game too long
    A gambler’s share
    The only risk that you would take
    The only loss you could forsake
    The only bluff you couldn’t fake”

    From “You’re Still the Same,” music and lyrics by Bob Seger, 1978


  6. ThomasR

    After 9/11, it was shown to all with eyes to see, three things
    1.the proper response for when a person is being attacked by a human predator is an immediate offense.
    2. That a homicidal maniac dosen’t need a gun to get a high body count.
    3. If even only the pilot had had a gun, the terrorists wouldn’t have succeeded in thier evil plans.

    So the progressive/ liberals solution;
    1. Get on your knees and beg for your life.
    2. Outlaw guns to stop maniacs from killing people. (say again? How about knives, machetes, IEDs-Oklahoma city anyone, gasoline and matches, cars and trucks, black market guns and airplanes-again).
    3. Don’t allow even authority figures to have a gun, like pilots or teachers, to stop the maniacs when they decide to go on a killing spree.

    How these people figure out how to put thier shoes on and navigate the complexity of a citys streets to go to work is an amazement to me.
    But what is even more amazing is that there is enough people out in the world who believe this, that they vote for politicians that actually put into law these completely delusional and irrational beliefs.
    This quote is appropriate, “The inmates are running the insane asylum”.

  7. Scott Pisciotta

    We should thank the liberal gun grabbers as the world needs victims. These are people who believe their cell phone and an often too late police response is all the protection they will need. As I said the world needs victims so the rest of us can learn from their ignorance and unwillingness to protect themselves and their families.

  8. Carlos

    In this world sadly you’re either the sheep or the wolf. I personally pick to be the shepherd with the gun. As an old man once said “You may kill me, but I’ll be holding the door open for you in hell.”
    What is the relevance one might ask? Plenty, but I will answer you question quickly and with another question. How many shootings have you read about that happened at a gun shop?

  9. Ron Borsch

    David Codrea:

    Our academy may be a statistical resource for supporting some of your thoughts.

    For example, two thirds of stoppages of “Rapid Mass Murder”(C)(RMM: Within 20 minutes, 4 or more intentionally killed at the same time and public place), has been by citizens, mostly unarmed.

    Chardon counts as an attempted RMM aborted by a single actor. (Initiation by a single citizen actor has accounted for 8 out of 10 aborts by citizens).

    Information from us has appeared on multiple premier law enforcement Internet sites.

    BuckeyeFirearms.org has published a couple of my articles supporting civilian CCW.

    Buckeye’s next article by me should be K.I.D.S. “Killer Inside Discovered Sooner” which supports the idea of vetted CCW folks inside schools. (Ohio law allows this when you have written permission from the school board).

    SEALE Academy Bedford Ohio (Non profit, Post-Grad)


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