EXCLUSIVE: Global Norming On Guns Heats Up

By David Codrea

“Venezuela bans private gun ownership,” BBC News reported. “Under the new law, only the army, police and certain groups like security companies will be able to buy arms from the state-owned weapons manufacturer and importer.”

It’s presented, of course, as an “attempt by the government to improve security and cut crime.” But opponents of Marxist strongman Hugo Chávez, at least the ones whose voices can be heard when he’s not shutting down opposition broadcasting stations for “media crimes,” question police “capacity or the will to enforce the new law.”

That’s an understatement. Having seen Chávez temporarily ousted in a 2002 failed coup attempt (he’d participated in a failed one in 1992), many Venezuelans may just want to ignore his “amnesty” threat, hold onto their guns and take their chances that a ruler suffering from progressive cancer won’t be around to see that his political edicts become permanent. And, of course, the violence perpetrators causing all the problems won’t obey “gun control” laws any more than they do laws against being criminals in the first place.

What’s clear, as with human rights-violating tyrants everywhere, is that the real reason behind such measures is to create and maintain a monopoly of violence (see “Rights Watch,” Sept. 2010). And speaking of those, China, of all nations, in a tit-for-tat against criticism from the West, condemned US gun ownership as a human rights violation.

“The United States prioritizes the right to keep and bear arms over the protection of citizens’ lives and personal security and exercises lax firearm possession control, causing rampant gun ownership,” the State Council Information Office declared in a broader criticism titled “Human Rights Record of the United States in 2011.”

“High incidence of gun-related crimes has long ignited complaints of the US people and they stage multiple protests every year, demanding the government strictly control the private possession of arms. The US government, however, fails to pay due attention to this issue,” the Chicoms conclude.

It’s almost laughable, considering the Chinese experience when invading Japanese were able to perpetrate the Rape of Nanking, the genocidal regime of Chairman Mao (who understood that “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”), the massacre at Tiananmen Square, the ongoing brutal occupation of Tibet… not to mention a booming arms business the PRC enjoys as it destabilizes hotspots around the globe to its own advantage.

Yet such a monopoly is what the global gungrabbers and their US counterparts, both savvy domestic enemies and their useful idiot camp followers, are working toward with every demand for new edicts, always presented as “common sense gun laws” and “a good first step.”

It’s never good enough—not satisfied with current efforts toward establishing worldwide enforceable citizen disarmament edicts, Oxfam, the international “social justice” confederation behind the global “Control Arms” campaign, along with the International Action Network on Small Arms and Amnesty International, says that the sale of ammunition must be included in the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty.

But they’ve encountered a stumbling block. It seems China wants ammunition excluded because they make so dang much money off it.

2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Global Norming On Guns Heats Up

  1. John

    This is the reply I got from Senator Saxby Chambliss on 4/3/12
    Thank you for contacting me regarding the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. It is good to hear from you.

    On December 6, 2006, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 89, which is aimed to promulgate a new international treaty on the global trade in conventional arms. The resolution, “towards an arms trade treaty; establishing common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms,” was adopted without the support of the United States, under the Bush Administration; however, the Obama Administration recently reversed this decision, and announced that the United States would support negotiations on the condition they were, “under the rule of consensus decision-making needed to ensure that all countries can be held to standards that will actually improve the global situation.”

    Currently, there are preparatory committee meetings taking place in anticipation of a 2012 conference to finalize the treaty. In response to these meetings, Senator Moran (R-KS) sent a letter to President Obama and Secretary Clinton expressing strong concerns with the treaty. I joined him on this letter, and I will continue to closely monitor this situation. Should legislation come before the full Senate, I will keep your thoughts in mind.

  2. Mack Missiletoe

    We all want peace and tranquility. We do not want gun crimes and gun violence. Those who do not are evil and would hurt others even if they did not have a gun.

    What some people do not realize is that in order to have peace and lessen violence, righteous force must be used.

    You need a gun to protect yourself, your family, and your country …whether you like it or not. Take a gun safety course and learn how to shoot–you will no longer be so afraid of guns and may even begin to understand how and why we used our rifles in history to become the free United States of America that we are.

    Until then you are going to have a hell of a time trying to disarm the bad guys! And you will have no way to defend your nation if it were to be invaded without gun knowledge.

    I find it ironic that some vocal anti-gun leaders actually own a gun for self defense. I think that some of these anti-gun people may not have their head on straight, but I do not want to disrespect anyone. I understand people wanting to outlaw guns–I get it. But it just will not work. Rifles are the modern day weapon and there is no way to stop the world from making them–it is how we defend ourselves, hunt, and have fun–by the gun.

    We gun owners are not bad and are often quite respectful. It really irks me that there are people out there that would rather I not own a gun and be helpless if a bad guy were to come into my home to rape or hurt my family.


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