Exclusive: Falco Inside the Waistband Holster Review

Established in 1989 as a producer of falconry gloves and bags, Falco, a European company, has since grown into producing holsters, tactical gear, and hunting accessories and exported these products to the U.S. One of the company’s newest holster offerings is its “Item 92” Inside the Waistband Concealment Holster, a design that replicates some of the best features of other similar holsters — hand-made, double-stitched leather construction; adjustable tension; reinforced mouth — but at a retail price of only $56.95. While the Falco holster is indeed a “value” alternative to more expensive gear, it carried a Glock 19, concealed, like a pro.

DSC_6634The Falco’s premium leather presents a smooth-side-out lacquered finish that not only looks terrific but installs quickly, easily sliding into place. The smooth exterior actually helps it carry comfortably. Yet despite the smooth exterior, there’s no loss of carrying stability thanks to the snap belt loops.

Many holster companies offer a leather inside the waistband (IWB) holster with two snap belt loops. No question, this design has proven to be versatile and stable and therefore popular for concealed carry. While the nuances of the various designs may vary, most offer a very stable ride that’s made possible by the well-designed belt loops. But holster belt loops are nothing if not attached to a gun belt. Attached to my American Holster Company 1.5-inch gun belt, the Falco IWB stayed firmly in place, never slipping forward or backward, and offering a combat grip on the Glock 19.

DSC_6632In addition to the smooth finish and strong belt loops, the Falco IWB has two other key features: a reinforced mouth and tension adjustment screw. The reinforced mouth of course helps with re-holstering but I found it equally helpful in stabilizing the entire rig as the extra leather around the mouth of the holster tended to ride right on top of my gun belt. I tended to adjust tension with the screw depending on how tight I was wearing my gun belt. If I was wearing the belt more tightly, then I would loosen the screw so that the holster would relax its grip on the gun. And vice versa.

DSC_6631While Falco has hundreds of holsters in stock, ready to ship, the company will also make this and other holsters to your specifications. As such, a custom order may take 25 to 35 days to fulfill.

— Mark Kakkuri

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Note: Product used for this review was provided by Craft Holsters, an authorized Falco distributor of concealed carry and duty holsters.

4 thoughts on “Exclusive: Falco Inside the Waistband Holster Review

  1. Edwin cintron

    this company sent me the wrong holster and after going back and forth with the company they decided that I was the one who made the error because I never told them that my pistol haD a front and rear sight on the gun .thats why they made the holster wrong..To be truthful That statement blew my mind.if they were here in america I would love for some one to tell me that bull s to my face………I own over 23 different hand guns and have purchased many different holster over the years and never had this type of problem .where the company trys to flip the problem and blame the customer for the error……OH YEA JUST A QUICK WORD TO FALCO ALL GUNS HAVE SIGHTS ON THEM SO FOR THE NEXT TIME YOU SCREW UP DO NOT BLAME YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER…..THE CUSTOMER…

    1. Mark Kakkuri

      Edwin, here’s a reply from the Falco customer service rep that I interact with regularly: “There was a problem with the correct holster fit and although product was produced following customer information regarding his gun, it was not fitting correctly. We agreed to produce a replacement product for the customer FOR FREE to keep our customer satisfied, as it is always very important for us. As far as we are informed, customer agreed to receive a replacement item from us for free.”

    2. Simon

      Hello Edwin, I’m Simon and I’m new to the Craft Holsters company. I would like to ask you if your problem is already solved or not. We could change your holster for the new one or refund the money. If you are interested in I would try to help you. I am sure we can resolve the issue to your satisfaction. You can contact me on: info@nullcraftholsters.com Thank you. Best regards. Simon


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