Exclusive: DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol Review

DoubleTap Defense LLC should get some kind of award for having one of the clearest product names ever. The St. Louis, Mo.-based company’s Tactical Pocket Pistol, as it is called, enters a very active concealed carry firearms market with a unique offering — basically, a high-quality, powerful derringer-style pistol.

What’s in a name?


As you know, a double tap is two well-aimed shots from a firearm, sometimes called a controlled pair. The key to the double tap is not so much the speed of shooting two shots, but rather the effectiveness of putting two shots into a specific target. The DoubleTap pistol you see here carries two rounds in two barrels, one on top of the other.


“Tactical” is a word that at times loses its way in terms of meaning, especially in the firearms industry. In the case of this pistol, however, it can mean several things:

  • This is a thoroughly modern pistol in design and manufacture and therefore safe, durable, and reliable in virtually any environment.
  • Available in two barrel configurations, the pistol can fire premium self-defense cartridges in two calibers: .45 ACP or 9mm.
  • DSC_6802The pistol offers a means of providing a quick reload.


This pistol’s specifications — especially its .665-inch width and 15-ounce weight — make it ideal for pocket carry. Dimensionally, it measures only 5.5 inches in length and 3.9 inches in height. It’s small, but it’s not too small that you can’t get a decent grip on it.


With its relatively low ammunition capacity and not-a-revolver-not-an-auto-loader design, this lightweight, three-inch double-barreled handgun really has only one purpose in mind: last-ditch self defense in extremely close quarters where one or two shots may be all that’s needed to end or escape from an attack.

DSC_6797I’ve had the DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol in my front pants pocket, rear pants pocket, sport coat side pocket, and more. In terms of carry-ability, it seems to be the quintessential pocket gun — thinner than a J-frame revolver and most “pocket” nines or .380’s. For ammunition capacity, two rounds is better than one, which is also better than none.

So far, the DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol is true to its name. Stay tuned for a report from the range.

— Mark Kakkuri

4 thoughts on “Exclusive: DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol Review

  1. Bubba Norman

    The option of a double action Derringer had always appealed to me. I’ve owned NBA 22’s and a .38sp Derringer and always thought the idea of having to cock the hammer would slow you down not to mention be difficult under a high stress situation. I’m interested in yalls range report. Thanks for the article

    1. Mark Kakkuri

      Thanks for the reply, Bubba. I’m almost done with the range report and will post it soon. In summary: Practice with the included rubber sleeve or wear a shooting glove and make sure you’re relatively close to the target.

  2. Peter

    It seems the cost for such a small product with limited capabilities is not justified in my book, that is what has prevented me from buying one.

  3. Martin B

    With the thin backstrap due to low overall width, the effect of recoil is going to be magnified, leading to pain and possible injury. I’ve seen a video where blood was drawn after both .45ACP rounds detonated at once. A design flaw, or maintenance issue?

    Perhaps the 9mm version might be more practical. Or even a Heizer Pocket Shotgun, in .410 or .45 Colt. Not sure who would be more startled – the shooter or the shot!

    A desperate, last ditch tool if I ever saw one. NB- these are double action only.


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