Exclusive: Disse Gear Amerihide Gun Belt Review

An in-depth review of a gun belt might seem superfluous — either a gun belt holds up your pants and a handgun or it does not. Truly, however, the matter demands a bit of careful consideration and reflection to appreciate some of the nuances of how best to carry a gun on a belt. For example, the Disse Gear Amerihide gun belt you see here does a fantastic job of carrying a holstered handgun and not just because it’s tough and firm. It’s also good-looking and functional for both inside and outside the waistband carry.

DSC_6951Before I get to a review of this particular gun belt, let me briefly rant about the need to use a real gun belt if you carry a handgun anywhere on your waist. I’ve carried concealed handguns on my waist with normal or regular belts and with actual gun belts. Even with lightweight guns, there’s no comparison: carrying a handgun with a gun belt is superior in virtually every way over a regular belt. It’s more stable and secure and positively affects carry and draw. And so much so that I can’t imagine carrying any concealed handgun — even a micro .380 — without a gun belt.

Now, about the Disse Gear Amerihide…

This 1.5 inch wide leather belt is one of many offered by Disse Gear. As you can see it features a square buckle, smooth finish, and — look closely — two pieces of leather stitched and glued together. Because of the dual layer construction, the belt is about a ¼ inch thick. Take note, as that can affect the fit of some holsters that use metal clips to attach to a belt. They’ll go over the belt, but may not fully seat. Leather loops and belt slide holsters have no problem whatsoever with the width of this belt and, in fact, greatly benefit from it.

DSC_6949Dual layers of leather of course result in a very stiff feel which results in excellent stability of whatever you’re carrying. Outside the waistband carry benefitted the most from the belt, especially when the belt was fastenend tightly around my waist. But inside the waistband carry improved as well. And no matter which handgun was on board, it felt very secure.

Retailing for $69.25 and in my possession and use for several months now, this Disse Gear Amerihide belt still looks and functions as good as new.

— Mark Kakkuri

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Disse Gear Amerihide Gun Belt Review

  1. JAL

    I have not yet purchased this gun belt but a deliberate gun belt does make a significant difference. In simple terms buy the best. I have a designated gun, carry belt and yes they do work. If your a cop don’t ever skimp. We sometimes get complacent and maybe go cheap. Been there done that. It’s funny because when I was a mechanic I always bought the best tools. Go figure. Me I’m going take a look at this one. Black is my belt and holster color though. Happy shopping.


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