Exclusive: DeSantis Mini Scabbard for Viridian-Equipped Ruger LC9

Lasers and lights are fast becoming normal accessories in personal defense pistols and very handy ones at that. Except when they aren’t truly built in and then literally get in the way of using a favorite holster.

Take the Ruger LC9 with the exclusive Viridian tactical light, for example. The LC9 is an outstanding defensive pistol: seven rounds of 9mm; long, smooth double-action trigger; durable, accurate, and reliable. It even has an external safety that clicks on and off, 1911-style. Add the tactical light — an exclusive offering from Viridian, a premier manufacturer of lasers and lights — and you have a great defensive pistol made even better. The Viridian light sports some great features: It can turn on automatically when you draw or you can turn it on manually. The light can be a bright, steady beam that covers more area, horizontally, than other lights or you can set it to function as a blinding strobe.

!DSC_6336 - CopyWhile the Viridian light-equipped Ruger LC9 comes with a pocket holster that gladly accommodates the size of the gun with the light — a nice touch — the LC9 is the kind of gun that just carries better in an inside or outside the waistband holster. Trouble is, not many holster manufacturers make an IWB or OWB holster for it. Moreover, the LC9’s standard magazine baseplates offer a very good extension to accommodate a pinky finger. But the extension doesn’t do very well when carried in a pocket. You can swap the extended baseplate for a flush baseplate but then you lose a bit of purchase. So we’re back to longing for an outside-the-pocket holster. This is where DeSantis Gunhide comes to the rescue. In an exclusive arrangement with Viridian, DeSantis offers a right-handed, outside the waistband Mini Scabbard that fits and complements this gun perfectly.

!DSC_6338 - CopyA simple design featuring black, unlined leather, the DeSantis Mini Scabbard envelopes the gun in a carrier which is attached to a leather belt loop. The loop is thick and wide and features a cutout in the middle through which a user’s belt loop should pass. Because the LC9 is a lightweight gun, the robust construction of the Mini Scabbard is more than enough to keep the rig stable. Wear up to a 1-½ inch gun belt with this holster and it’ll pull in relatively close — not as tight as carrying inside the waistband, of course, but good enough to hide with a couple of T-shirts or an untucked button shirt draped over it.

The Mini Scabbard holds the LC9 at a slight forward cant and offers a screw to adjust the amount of tension the carrier puts on the gun. Because unlined leather characteristically has relatively high friction, I didn’t need to add any tension to the screw at all and the LC9 rode securely at my side.

The cant and depth at which the Mini Scabbard carries the LC9 is, to use a technical term, just right. It’s right where your right hand want wants to go to draw the LC9. And it’s literally just right — no left-handed version is currently available.

!DSC_6354 - CopyThe DeSantis Mini Scabbard for Viridian-equipped Ruger LC9’s retail for $58.99 and is only available from Viridian.

Let us know if you’ve had to deal with finding a new holster for a laser- or light-equipped handgun…

— Mark Kakkuri

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3 thoughts on “Exclusive: DeSantis Mini Scabbard for Viridian-Equipped Ruger LC9

  1. Gene DeSantis

    I just read the article that you wrote on Veridian lasers and the Desantis Mini Scabbard. My compliments on a very accurate well-written article. It is truly refreshing to see somebody come out with a good piece of work, like you just did, and be so accurate. It’s all too often that I see things written about holster issues and it is evident to me that the writer really doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Once again, thank you.


  2. Roland

    I bought a Springfield Armory XDS and put a Crimson Trace laser on it. Could not find a holster for it in that configuration. Had to have one made that copied the Safaryland hoster for my Sig Sauer P 339.
    It was made in Washington State BUT the maker asked me not to advertise his name as he can barely keep up with the demand for his holsters by just word of mouth advertising. If he ever ramps up production I’ll let you know. Took two months but I am very happy with the results.


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