Exclusive: Comfort Holster Really Is

Lots of new holster makers out there these days, including Van Buren, Ark.-based Comfort Holsters.

Comfort Holsters.

At first I thought: Imagine — a holster company naming itself “Comfort Holsters.” Really? I mean, we all know that carrying a holstered gun is supposed to be comfort-ING not comfort-ABLE.

comfort3And then a Comfort Holster (the $99 Bentley Series) showed up in the mail. It sported Kydex and leather and steel and, the key component of its namesake, suede-covered gel on the side that would contact my body. Lots of material doing a lot things.

The Kydex — very firm. Two pieces of leather, offset from each other, attached to the Kydex. Two steel clips attached to the leather.

comfort4My mental objections continued to build: Suede-covered gel over the holster’s Kydex back. It feels soft to the touch but surely the additional thickness it adds will be self-defeating.

Then I put it on with a Nighthawk Custom T4 in it. The T4, while compact, is an all-steel gun weighing over 34 ounces. So it’s no lightweight.

And I carried the T4 in the Comfort Holster for several days.

comfort2And I found the suede-covered gel on the back side of a holster does two key things:

First, it makes carrying very comfortable. Despite the conglomeration of materials and the appearance of bulk, there really wasn’t anything in the Comfort Holster hindering the concealed carry of the T4. In fact, it made it easy, nice, desirable. Not in a fluffy rabbits kind of way. But in a way that, for concealed carry, brought comforting much closer to comfortable.

Second, the suede added smart friction between the holster and my body resulting in a very stable ride. Generally, very stable holsters sacrifice comfort for stability. The Comfort Holster doesn’t.

And I liked it.

And so I confirmed: The Comfort Holster really is.

— Mark Kakkuri


3 thoughts on “Exclusive: Comfort Holster Really Is

  1. TexasScout

    This looks like a great idea! I have added that sticky stuff you put in your kitchen cabinets or toolboxes to the back of my Kidex holsters. It stops the “slide” that happens when you don’t have the same figure you had at 25. This looks like the same idea.



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