Exclusive: Colt’s Sizzling Ammo From DoubleTap

By Dave Workman

About this time last year, Colt’s Manufacturing and DoubleTap Ammunition announced a joint effort to produce two families of ammunition wearing the Colt brand, and having had the chance to try their 9mm 124-gr. offering, I can say without fear of contradiction this stuff sizzles.

In addition to the 9mm load, the Colt Defense ammo series includes a 95-gr. .380 ACP round, a 180-gr. 10mm load, a 230-gr. in .45 ACP and a .223 Remington pushing a 62-gr. pill. All of these cartridges feature bonded JHP bullets, and if the 9mm offering is any indicator, this is an ammunition line that rocks.

It’s accurate, too, as I managed groups under 3 inches, and that was out of pocket-size pistols. It is obvious the folks at DoubleTap put a lot of effort into the R&D for this Colt ammunition.

Check this out: In a brutal field evaluation, the 9mm entry warped out of a new Ruger LC9s semi-auto at an average of 1,156 fps from a 3.12-inch barrel. I tried the same ammunition in a Taurus PT709S and it crossed over the screens of my chronograph at a blistering 1,167 fps out of a 3.2-inch barrel. Beat that with a stick!

My guess is anybody running these rounds out of a larger service-size pistol with a longer barrel is going to be very impressed, and if we’re talking about a duty gun or defensive sidearm, anyone or anything on the receiving end is going to be a little worse for wear.

Incidentally, don’t sell the 9mm cartridge short. Last summer, a fishing guide capped an Alaska grizzly with a 9mm pistol. Years ago, the same thing happened when another angler fishing for red salmon on the Kenai Peninsula conked a bruin with a 9mm.

Colt Defensive ammunition is one half of the picture. The other half is Colt National Match ammo, and this stuff has already gotten high marks.

Match series loads include a 124-gr., 9mm, a 180-gr. 10mm, a 230-gr. .45 ACP and a .223 Remington 62-gr., all with FMJ bullets, while a .308 Winchester launches a 155-gr. Sierra TMK bullet.

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