Exclusive: Car ABDO — The Newest Innovation In Secure, Vehicle-Mounted Holsters

By Dave Workman

Some years ago, an acquaintance of mine was interested in creating a secure, quickly accessible box or holster of some kind for carrying a handgun in his car for personal protection. He has long since passed away, but other people have had similar ideas, and the recently announced Car ABDO just might be what my pal had imagined. I’ve had a look at this thing and, frankly, it’s pretty clever.

The Car ABDO is the latest product from the ABDO folks at European American Armory (EAA). ABDO, whose name is taken from the Latin verb “to conceal,” develops products such as the Smart ABDO, a personal gun safe featuring smart technology. Somebody can actually connect a Wi-Fi or cell phone network to this safe and monitor it literally from anywhere on the planet. It can be tracked, locked or unlocked by remote and provide updates on its status.

The Car ABDO takes this one step further by making it mountable in an automobile. It’s got GPS tracking capabilities, and there a key fob locking mechanism provides quick access when the key is within range, according to ABDO literature. If the key then moves away, the unit relocks. While “clever” may not adequately describe it for millennials, it sounds good to old guys like me.

Truth be told, today’s “smart phones” spook me with the kinds of things you can accomplish with them, including reading newspaper articles, and keeping track of a locked-up handgun several states away is an attention-getter.

Upon opening, an internal spring will thrust the gun up and out into the palm of your hand. I have long maintained that when you need a gun, you need it right now, and this appears to be exactly what the Car ABDO does.

Here’s the kicker: The Car ABDO can also be mounted on a boat, in an RV or even on the side of a bed or under a desk.

Built from a tough polymer, the Car ABDO features a protective shield at the opening, which acts like a garage door. It retracts in an instant once the activating button is pushed, allowing the gun inside to come up right into the hand.

Sized to fit a variety of pistols, the Car ABDO is fully portable. And thanks to the tracking capability, if the vehicle or boat in which the unit is mounted is stolen, you can locate it and call the police.

This thing really is a remarkable personal security device, and for folks who do lots of traveling, it just might be the best investment you can make if you take a firearm along on the road.

Car ABDO is set to launch soon, with an anticipated MSRP of around $350.

EAA has a line of products deserving of some attention. For more info: www.gunsmagazine.com/company/european-american-armory-corp

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4 thoughts on “Exclusive: Car ABDO — The Newest Innovation In Secure, Vehicle-Mounted Holsters

  1. Geo J. Donaldson Jr.

    Still illegal to carry a firearm, loaded or unloaded even if it is in a locked container within a boat or motor vehicle within the Republic of california? Exception, motorhome or RV.

  2. John

    Thats the intro. Get EEA to send you an ABDO for destructive testing so you can tell us how it goes wrastling it out of the car or boat if you were thieving it. An assessment? How secure is it? When you go inside falling down drunk and forgetting concealed firearms in your ABDO, sleep it off will an opportunist run away with your lethal weapon . That sort of thing. Can the mag get stolen leaving your chamber empty and your home defence strategy disarmed?

    1. TomC

      Reading the article, my initial reaction was “wow! Another fancy toy that costs more than the gun that goes in it” — while $350 is still a largish chunk of change for those of us who don’t get our equipment provided free by manufacturers and distributors in exchange for favorable press, at least the price isn’t outrageous.

      I don’t doubt that they can build it tough enough that it will be tougher than whatever it is mounted to in any car manufactured in the last forty or fifty years. But…

      The security threats that worry me about this product are 1) The wireless keyfob; 2) The ability to lock and unlock it over the internet; and 3) the ability to track it (great for me, not so great if anyone else tracks it!)

      Like John, I would really like to see some serious security testing of this product – but I don’t think that any of the writers at Guns Magazine have the skill set to test the security of THIS device (maybe someone down in the IT Department, but I doubt even there). The real security review for this device needs to be done by a serious hacker.


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