Exclusive: Axeon Second Zero

An Accessory That Lives Up To Its Name

By Dave Workman

So, you’re out on the plains somewhere and spot this monster buck about 325 yards away, and your rifle is zeroed at 100 yards.
Do you start to crawl and sneak your way in his direction for a closer shot? Do you guesstimate bullet drop and hold over hoping for the best?

Neither of those things, provided you’ve got a clever little accessory mounted on the objective bell of your riflescope called the Second Zero from Axeon. Just flip this down over your objective, with a prescribed “second distance” eliminating the necessity of seat-of-the-pants calculation, hold on the buck as if he were a hundred yards away and press the trigger.

A separate model is designed primarily for mounting on the rail of a modern sporting rifle, and it flips up to cover the optical sight. The result is the same; the Second Zero provides an adjusted image. Just settle the crosshairs as you would if firing at a 100-yard target and fire.

The device shifts the image to adjust for bullet drop at the longer range. You don’t really have to do a thing other than shoot straight.

The Second Zero is described in manufacturer’s literature as “a prism driven optical device.” Flip the prism down over the scope and it automatically adjusts the image to allow for bullet drop at the longer range, and even account for the specific load being used.

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Axeon has developed a reference chart that shows which lens system you want for shooting a variety of calibers and bullet weights. If the scope is zeroed at 100 yards, the Second Zero will adjust the image to cause the bullet strike at 320, 360, 380 or 400 yards, depending upon the caliber and projectile. The chart lists several different calibers and bullet weights ranging from .223 Remington with 55/65-grain projectiles to the powerful .338 Lapua with 250- or 300-grain pills.

There are Second Zero systems for 40-44mm objective bells and 50mm objectives. The chart explains it all, and it is user friendly.
The second system for rail mounts is set up for .223/5.56mm rounds using 55- or 65-grain bullets, and .308/7.62mm with 125-, 150- or 165-grainers that adjusts for 320- or 500-yard shots when the scope is zeroed at 100 yards.

This patented device got a fair amount of attention earlier this year at the National Rifle Association convention in Atlanta, and I suspect it will get more as people try it out.

Axeon also builds riflescopes for hunting and tactical applications. At present, there are 15 different scope models available.
They also produce a dot sight and another device called the Absolute Zero, which features two precision lasers that makes it possible to zero your rifle in with three shots.
For more info: http://axeonoptics.com/

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