Meanwhile, in Ohio

Get acquainted with the name Gage Melton, a 21-year-old in New Carlisle, Ohio who is not going to celebrate his 22nd birthday.

The late Mr. Melton was identified as the alleged would-be robber who was fatally shot last month while trying to rob a Papa John’s pizza place with another fellow who fled the scene when a store employee shot Melton in self-defense.

According to WDTN News, this failed caper began just after 11 p.m. one evening when two suspects reportedly charged into the pizza shop, one carrying a crowbar and the other some kind of knife or shears. Unfortunately for Melton, a pizza delivery driver was legally armed and opened fire. The suspect was fatally wounded.

The report said the Clark County Sheriff’s office and a man identified as law professor emeritus Tom Hagel at the University of Dayton School of Law look at this as a justified shooting. Hagel told a reporter, “If you have a lawful right to be where you’re at, you can stand your ground and use deadly force in response to a threat of deadly force.”