John Taffin — “My Range Bag is the back of my 4x4 Chevy PU with a locking metal tonneau cover! I literally have everything to keep me shooting — every possible tool, every possible accessory, even a barrel vise which goes into the trailer hitch! Target stands, all kinds of targets, Lab Radar chronograph, notebooks, extra plans, rulers, rubber bands, paperclips, wrenches, screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, pistol rests, wire baskets for holding spent brass, sandbags, earmuffs, first aid kit, gloves, shooting glasses, stick-on target rectangles and circles of various sizes, duct tape, regular tape, cleaning kits, several toolboxes, Uplulas, binoculars, heavy duty slip on recoil pads, cleaning kits, oil, cleaning rags, bottled water, snack crackers, TP, hand cleaner, spray cleaner, paper towels, ammo cans for both .22 Long Rifle and 9mm, clamp-on extension for the top of my custom-built bench.”

While Taffin has a giant self-powered “range bag” which can achieve 60 mph, a few of our “regulars” go a step further —