Viridian Delivers Quality Optics Direct

New EON, VENTA & SERAC Riflescopes

Arriving on the scene with cutting edge technology back in 2006, Viridian Weapon Technologies has since become a top name in laser sights and lights. While most known for their weapon sights with green lasers, the company recently expanded its range to include quality riflescopes.

In case you’ve slept through the last 75 years or so, optics have been steadily improving to such a degree that today’s choices are the best ever — and Viridian’s new models are no exception.

Under the name Viridian Optics, they’ve charged into the optics arena with three new scope series: the EON, VENTA and SERAC. And to be as competitive as possible, the Minnesota-based company is selling direct-to-consumer.

Let’s take a look through each new scope line one at a time.


The EON family of riflescopes is built on a solid aluminum, waterproof, fog proof and shock proof 1″ main tube with a matte black finish. Lenses are fully multi-coated to allow for great light transmission in any shooting situation and feature second focal plane duplex reticles.

EON riflescopes also boast adjustable eye relief and adjustable parallax focus, the latter of which is available on all models except the 3-9x40mm. Other models in the series include a 4-12x42mm and 4.5-14x50mm. All offer 1/4 MOA click adjustments. Weight varies roughly from 12 to 20 oz.

Pricing, depending upon model, is $99 to $129.


Moving up in performance, VENTA series riflescopes are built on one-piece 30mm aluminum main tubes with the same matte black finish and protection from water, fogging and shock damage.

Available in 1.5-4.5x32mm and a 4-16x40mm models, both scopes feature fully multi-coated optics and Mil Dot first focal plane reticles with capped 1/4 MOA adjustments. Weight ranges from 15 to 21 oz.

Simple, compact and affordable, VENTA scopes are priced $199 and $219, respectively.


The top of the line, the SERAC family was designed to “stand up to any high-priced rifle scope on the market.”

Also built on a waterproof, fog proof and shock proof single-piece hard anodized 30mm main tube with matte black finish, the scopes offer side parallax adjustment, fully multi-coated optics and exposed tactical locking turrets with 1/8 MOA adjustments. Weight is just over 23 oz.

Designed for precision shooting, SERAC models include a 3.5-10x40mm and 6-24x50mm (coming soon) with second focal place Mil Dot reticles. Pricing of both scopes is $399.

All scopes are covered by a limited lifetime warranty and additional risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.

In addition to their new scopes, Viridian Optics also offers a full line of rings and mounts for both 1″ (low, medium or high) and 30mm (medium and high) tubes, compatible with Weaver-type and Picatinny bases.

For more info:, Ph: (800) 990-9390

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