Top 5 Articles of 2019

According to You

At GUNS Magazine, we strive to deliver content that is both informative and entertaining. Over the years we’ve developed a pretty good understanding of what gun reviews, industry news and old-timey stories you’d be interested in reading, but — without fail — we’re always surprised when we see the numbers from online.

Below are the top 5 articles you enjoyed most in 2019, according to you.

High-Tech Airgun Training

“You can train at home with airguns” is one of those pithy comments passed along like the eggplant soufflé at a family reunion dinner but it’s true. Of course you’re saying, “Sounds like a great idea, but realistically, I’ll never do it.” Now here’s the part where I say, “What if I told you training with airguns is the weaponized version of dry-fire practice?” Sound a bit more convincing?

Modern airguns and supporting technology have opened up some novel practice possibilities for home, garden, and garage — and you don’t even have to risk perforating the love seat! While he never included it in his published theories, I’m pretty sure maintaining marital bliss is way up on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

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Say No to Magnums

It seems Americans are madly in love with magnums — both rifles and handguns. There are now handgun rounds that make .44 Magnums seem weak. My feeling about them is if you need a handgun this powerful, you’re in dire need of a rifle.

I’m not saying I never used magnum rifles. I’ve owned and hunted with such magnums as a 7mm Remington, .300 H&H, .300 Winchester and .308 Norma to name a few. In fact, I’ve actually shot two critters with a magnum rifle, and for a good portion of my adult life there have been magnums of one sort or another within reach. But having reached seven decades, I’m really happy shooting gentler non-magnum rifles and handguns.

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Dan Wesson ECP

Dan Wesson continues a history of innovation with the 1911, and their latest offering — the 9mm Enhanced Commander Pistol — is no exception.

The ECP is an exceptionally attractive looking pistol with its matte “duty finish” matched up with a set of blue/gray G10 grip panels. The top of the slide is serrated to reduce glare and the excellent sights are set in a dovetail fore and aft. The gold bead front sight is set in a flat post that matches up to a U-shaped rear notch sized perfectly for my eyes to line up quickly. And it’s available in both .45 ACP and 9mm, which made me exceptionally happy.

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Smith & Wesson Model 610

After searching for a good used Smith & Wesson Model 610 for quite some time, I discovered a couple of things. First, they are not hiding behind every bush — they’ve become somewhat difficult to locate. Second, when you do find one, the cost may involve seriously diminishing the kid’s college fund. Therefore, when I heard the announcement of S&W reintroducing the 610, I immediately ordered one.

Over the past few years, the 10mm Auto cartridge has become much more popular. I’m not really sure if it’s personal defense, recreational shooting, or hunting — or perhaps a combination of all three — driving the market but one thing’s certain, the 10mm comeback is for real.

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Could Gunfighters Really Shoot?

The wild west gunfighter — was he a real man or a myth?

In the era of TV adult Westerns when gunfire was heard in every living room in the land almost every night after dinner, the cowpoke with a six-shooter had become a legendary figure indeed and his prowess with a Colt Single Action is fabulous. There are some who contend the 1956 lead-slinging sprees on television and in the movies added up to more shooting than occurred in the bloodiest years of the Wild West. There are old-timers who will dispute it. But in at least one aspect of television shoot-em-up’s there is certainly a large element of accuracy. There’s far more shooting than hitting.

Despite all legends about the Wild West, facts are cowboys were poor shots, slinging lots of lead but hitting nothing.

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