Exclusive: This Bullpup
Has Bite!

The BP-12 Bullpup Shotgun Will Appeal To Police,
Private Security And 3-Gun Shooters


BP 12

Just when you thought there is nothing new in semi-auto shotguns, along comes the BP-12 bullpup to correct the misimpression. It provides a new platform with likely appeal to law enforcement, private security, those concerned with home and business protection and competitors.

Stacy Prineas of PW Arms Inc., a Redmond, Washington-based supplier (who will also market the gun) working with James River Armory, revealed this self-loading, magazine-fed shotgun is already being used by law enforcement and security firms in its country of origin, Turkey.

Manufactured by Turkish-based Panzer Arms, the BP-12 is an interesting piece of work. With an 18.5″ barrel and overall length of 29.5″, this 12-ga. shotgun features an upper receiver crafted from 7075 aluminum and a lower receiver made from a lightweight impact-resistant polymer with an ergonomic grip. Thanks to the barrel length and action, velocity won’t be sacrificed with any selected ammunition.

BP 12 bullup

The receiver is finished with Eloxal, and the stock has an adjustable cheek pad and recoil pad. On top is a full-length Picatinny rail and there are shorter rails on both sides so it’s possible to mount all sorts of accessories including metallic or optical sights (it comes with front and rear flip-up sights), lasers and tactical flashlights.

The BP-12 comes with a pair of five-round magazines and there are 10-round magazines available as aftermarket accessories. According to Prineas, the magazines will also work in other Panzer Arms semi-auto shotguns.

One thing of note: The controls are ambidextrous. However, ejection of spent shells is out the right side.

Up front and below the barrel is a removable angled foregrip.

According to Prineas, the BP-12 hits the scale at 9 lbs., unloaded. This translates to a pretty rugged, strongly built firearm capable of stacking up to any challenge.


BP 12

The BP-12 also comes with a cleaning kit and user’s manual, and there are sling slots front and rear.

I suspect this compact smoothbore will gradually gain popularity with 3-Gun competitors, and possibly even bush pilots and other backcountry travelers as an emergency firearm. It’s rather rugged looking and the fact it won’t take up much room in a pickup, SUV or even the back end of a small airplane just might increase its appeal to a range of potential consumers.

Of course, not everyone will warm right up to the bullpup platform. It’s certainly not your grandpa’s shotgun, and it might look like something out of a science fiction/fantasy movie. But this baby fires real shotgun shells, not Hollywood laser beams, and my guess is in a situation where the chips are truly down, with a couple of loaded magazines, the BP-12 could be the proverbial game-changer.

Available from James River Armory, it carries an MSRP of $569, which makes it a very affordable workhorse shotgun.

For more info:
James River Armory
Ph: (910) 300-6462

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