Closing Cadence

’Nuther related thing: Be very aware of your visibility and relative position.

Example: In one fight, several idiots took “cover” behind a flatbed trailer. They leaned tight over the deck, kept their rifles low and heads down. They could deliver pretty accurate fire — briefly. From hips to feet they were exposed. “Shootin’ their legs out from under ’em” ain’t a figurative statement. If any part of you is visible through a crack in a door, a knothole, whatever; if there’s even a change in light through that slice, that hole, somebody can put rounds on you.

Two sayings: If all you see is a piece of your target, shoot the piece! Shoot it to pieces, then shoot the pieces; elbows, fingers, noses, whatever. They may not be fight-ending shots, but they’re life-altering shots, I guarantee you.

Second, it ain’t enough to shoot somebody until you think he’s dead. You gotta shoot him until he thinks he’s dead. But you didn’t hear this from me. It ain’t “proper” or something.

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