Stoeger P3000 Freedom
Series Supreme

Freedom is a 12-Gauge Pump

In the realm of shotguns, I don’t think any action type is more versatile than a pump.

I’ve had a smoothbore sitting inside my front door for many years, and it’s been with me on several outdoor adventures. I prefer hunting upland birds with a double barrel, but when I know conditions are going to be rather unpleasant, the finer guns stay home and out comes the pump with variable choke options, a tough synthetic stock and good recoil pad. I know that pump gun is up for any challenge and it’s never failed me.

While I happen to own two Stoeger S/S shotguns — one is a 20-gauge and the other is a sweet little .410 bore — when I first was tipped off about the new P3000 Freedom Series Supreme, I was compelled to take a look.

It’s one thing to wrap your hands around a firearm for maybe a few minutes and then move on to some other model during a gun show. However, to find out what makes a gun worth buying, it takes sitting down and read the specs. It helps to get some impressions from other guys, but for my money and yours, the homework is what makes the difference.

Freedom Series Supreme

A lineup of four 12-gauge shotgun models, the Stoeger Freedom Series features semi-auto and pump-action guns with synthetic furniture and extended magazine tubes to set your shotguns free.

Included in the series are three guns designed for home defense and one marketed toward 3-Gun competition. New for this year, the P300 FSS was designed for the former, and Stoeger designers knew exactly what they were doing when putting it together.

Chambered for both 2 3/4″ and 3″ shells, the pump sports a blued 18.5″ cylinder-choke barrel and a matching length magazine tube with 7+1 capacity for your favorite load of buckshot or slugs. A tapered black synthetic forend with texturing makes expensing rounds effortless.

In the rear, a cross-bolt safety, rubberized pistol grip and six-position telescoping and folding buttstock with thick recoil pad and adjustable cheek rest make handling the pump gun comfortable and storage at home or in a vehicle easy. The stock folds to the gun’s left side, giving shooters the option to fire and cleanly eject rounds should you be rushed into action.

The designers also added a ghost ring rear sight and blade front, with a short rail atop the receiver for mounting a red dot, flashlight or laser.

Fully extended, the gun measures 40.5″ and offers a 14 1/8″ length of pull while weighing 7.3 lbs., unloaded. It’s no lightweight, but for its intended purpose, the P3000 Freedom Series Supreme is up to any challenge. And with an MSRP of $469, this shotgun is as affordable as it is durable.

For more info: Ph: (301) 283-6981

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